2017 Arizona Innovation Conference


As the world of manufacturing continues to grow and change, engineers are being challenged to design, test, and evaluate products in increasingly complex environments.


In such a time it is necessary to rely on an all-encompassing simulation platform that can handle a variety of physics efficiently, operating as a one stop shop for complete virtual prototyping. ANSYS is that platform!


Join us for this informative seminar including presentations from customers and ANSYS technical experts, focusing on how to effectively implement the ANSYS platform and productivity enhancement tools into your work-flow.


Through this free event we hope to inform you on how a single consolidated platform for complete virtual prototyping can help to drive efficiency across your company!



October 4, 2017



9:00 AM - 4:30 PM MST AZ



ASU SkySong - Building 3

1365 N. Scottsdale Rd.

Scottsdale, AZ 85257


See full agenda below


We look forward to seeing you there!






























































ANSYS Solutions for Additive Manufacturing

Eric Miller, PADT


Additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, and topology optimization increasingly play a vital role in the design of innovative products. We will be discussing how to perform physics-driven free-form design optimization to reduce material waste, minimize weight, while improving product durability and reliability.


Is RF Engineering "Black Magic"?

Kevin Kim, NXP Semiconductors


Wireless communication protocols from Bluetooth to Zigbee connect all our “Smart” devices.  Wireless connectivity is based on RF engineering principles where the traveling signals are propagating electromagnetic waves.  RF engineering is considered “Black Magic” by non-practitioners due to numerous variables involved from electrical to thermal that go into determining the wireless connectivity.  This presentation will focus on an example of an RF amplifier used in cellular systems and show that RF engineering is not a “Black Magic”.  Instead, it is governed by mathematics, physics and circuit principles.  We will demonstrate that these principles can be utilized to precisely simulate the RF performance using Electronic Design Automation software such as ANSYS.


Commercial Antenna Array Work Flow Using ANSYS Electromagnetic Tools

David Wittwer, Ph.D., Glatronics


The design of commercial antenna arrays for cellular networks using ANSYS Electromagnetics tools will presented. An overall workflow will be presented with a recommended tool selection for each phase of the development. Simulations and measurements will be presented for an example array development project

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