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New, emerging companies have always been a focus of PADT, since the days when PADT itself was a startup. PADT StartUpLabs takes this commitment to a new level by offering free advice and mentoring along with affordable 3D Printing, CAD Modeling, and product development focused on startups that are in an incubator program.


Because of this involvement, we were approached in 2014 by the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation (CEI) to help them build up a 3D Printing capability. As we worked together both sides saw the need for something more than a room full of printers, and PADT StartUpLabs was born with a mission to:

Establish an additive manufacturing and product development lab within CEI to provide the Arizona physical product startup community with high quality 3D Printing and Design resources at an accessible price.


Services Offered

PADT StartUpLabs offers the following services. Right now these are only available to CEI clients:

  • 3D Printing on Stratasys FDM uPrint, Dimension, and FORTUS systems
  • 3D Printing on Stratasys Polyjet systems
  • 3D Printing of medical device prototypes using FDA approved materials
  • Regular office hours for advice on 3D Printing and product development
  • 1-2 hour mentoring sessions
  • Advice on local solid modeling and industrial design resources that have been vetted by PADT's staff
  • Discounted early stage product development consulting from PADT
  • Regular seminars aimed specifically at the needs of startups development physical products.

Learn about how startups us ANSYS technology to get better products to market faster on our ANSYS Startup Program page or our Startup Spotlight pages.

Learn more

To learn more about CEI and their wide range of services and the success they have had in launching technology companies, visit their website.

You can contact our StartUpLabs staff at or call 480.813.4884 and ask to speak to someone about PADT StartUpLabs.


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