Mechanical Updates in ANSYS 2020 R1 – Webinar

With ANSYS structural analysis software, users are able to solve more complex engineering problems, faster and more efficiently than ever before. Customization and automation of structural solutions is much easier to optimize thanks to new and innovative finite element analysis (FEA) tools available in this product suite. Once again, ANSYS is able to cement their […]

Reduce EMI with Good Signal Integrity Habits

Recently the ‘Signal Integrity Journal’ posted their ‘Top 10 Articles’ of 2019. All of the articles included were incredible, however, one stood out to me from the rest – ‘Seven Habits of Successful 2-Layer Board Designers’ by Dr. Eric Bogatin ( In this work, Dr. Bogatin and his students were developing a 2-Layer printed circuit […]

All Thing ANSYS 054: Talking CFD – Discussion on the Current State of Computational Fluid Dynamics with Robin Knowles

  Published on: January 13th, 2020 With: Eric Miller & Robin Knowles Description:   In this episode we are excited to share an interview done with host and Co-Founder of PADT, Eric Miller and host of the Talking CFD podcast Robin Knowles, regarding the history of PADT’s use of simulation technology as a whole, and […]

Heat Affected Zone

In laser powder bed fusion, the volume of material that is adjacent to the area which is melting when the energy beam, usually a laser or electron beam, moves across the top of the build powder. The heating can cause material property changes and will contain thermal stresses.

Defining Antenna Array Excitations with Nested-If Statements in HFSS

HFSS offers various methods to define array excitations. For a large array, you may take advantage of an option “Load from File” to load the magnitude and phase of each port. However, in many situations you may have specific cases of array excitation. For example, changing amplitude tapering or the phase variations that happens due […]

3D Printing

The act of creating a part using Additive Manufacturing. Originally 3D Printing referred to the user of smaller, less expensive, and less capable additive manufacturing systems. It has now become a synonym for Additive Manufacturing and has become the more common term used by the general public and non-industry media.

Additive Manufacturing File Format

A file format used in most additive manufacturing processes. It is a faceted representation of the geometry that is easy to slice. The format was developed as a replacement of the STL file format. Like STL files, it uses a faceted representation of triangles to define the surface of a part. Unlike the STL format, […]