3D Printing on “Big Bang Theory”

The thing that gets me about “The Big Bank Theory” is how accurate it is. They seem to always get it right and their treatment of 3D Printing during “The Cooper/Kripke Inversion” last week was spot on.


Take a look at 7:10 and then 11:06.

BBT-3d-Printing-Whistle“We Printed a Whistle!”

“Amazing! You know these things go for 25 cents a pop at a party store”

“And we made it in only 3 hours!”

So close it hurts!

One Reply to “3D Printing on “Big Bang Theory””

  1. Spot on?

    An engineer on Howards level should be able to build one himself. Or opt to buy the sub 1000$ self assembly 3D Printer and then have his engineering juices flowing in optimizing and improving that system.