All Things ANSYS EP002: We talk about HFSS and Files Storage and Management with EKM

Published on: August 14, 2017
With: Ahmed Fayed, Michael Griesi, Joe Woodward, Eric Miller
Description: In our second try at a podcast we sit down with Michael, our inhouse HFSS expert, to talk about what HFSS is and how it can be used.  We also had the oportunity to have Ahmed join us from PADT’s IT team to talk about dealing with file storage when you use ANSYS products. We focused on how we use ANSYS EKM to get a handle on all of them.  This episode also includes news and our first ever commercial break.


All Things ANSYS EP001: Topological Optimization and other additions in ANSYS 18

Published on: July 31, 2017
With: Trevor Rubinoff, Joe Woodward, Ted Harris, and Eric Miller
Description: In our first ever attempt at a podcast we gather a few engineers around microphone and share our thoughts. Besides talking about our new podcast, we take a look at what we have learned about Topological Optimization with ANSYS as well as each of our favorite features in ANSYS 18. We also introduced a regular segment where we go over news in the ANSYS world.


All Things ANSYS Podcast

A Podcast for ANSYS Users
from the Technical Support Team at PADT

Podcasts have been around long enough for a group of engineers to finally decide this form of communication may stick around. So we are going to give it a try and talk about one of our favorite subjects here at PADT, ANSYS.  Many of us have been using this fantastic suite of Numerical Simulation tools our whole careers.  We sell, support, and train on ANSYS so it is something about which our technical support team has a lot to say.

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