Heat Treat

A group of processes used to alter the physical properties of a material. In additive manufacturing, it refers to using heat to relieve residual stresses. It can also be used to increase the strength or hardness of the metal by modifying the microstructure of the material, and there fore changing the macro properties.


A vendor-neutral file format for CAD data known as Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES). Created in 1976, IGES became an ANSI standard in 1980. The standard was last modified in 1996 and has been replaced by the ISO STEP standard in many cases. Almost all CAD tools output IGES. It uses the .igs or .iges […]

Inert Gas

A gas that does not chemically react with other substances. Most commonly Nitrogen and Argon. Can be made from an element (noble gasses) or a compound of several elements. Used in additive manufacturing to create an atmosphere in the build chamber or inside a material storage container that is free from oxygen to avoid oxidation, […]


A liquid deposition process that propels (jets) very small droplets of material from a print head onto a surface. Many small jets are arranged on the printhead to deposit larger amounts of material at the same time and can be turned on and off to create a pattern. When multiple heads with different materials in […]