Digital Light Synthesis

A type of vat photopolymerization additive manufacturing where a projector under a transparent build plate shines ultraviolet light onto the build layer, which is against the transparent build plate. The part is then pulled upward so that a new layer of liquid fills between the build plate and the part, and the process is repeated. […]

Digital Material

The material in a part that is created by mixing multiple base materials as each layer of the part is created. The mix of materials, and therefore the material properties, can vary across a given layer from layer to layer. Digital materials allow the creation of very specific material properties when a part is being […]

Digital Sculpting

The manipulation of CAD geometry by pushing, pulling, or cutting surfaces in a way that replicates the manual sculpting of material in the real world. Some feel this is a more intuitive and artistic way to modify geometry compared to bottom-up, feature-based, or Boolean geometry creation and manipulation.

Direct Laser Melting

A type of powder bed fusion additive manufacturing where a laser beam is used to melt powder material. The beam is directed across the top layer of powder. The liquid material solidifies to create the desired part. A new layer of powder is placed on top, and the process is repeated. Also called laser powder […]

Directed Energy Deposition

An additive manufacturing process where metal powder is jetted or wire is extruded from a CNC controlled three or five axis nozzle. The solid material is then melted by an energy source, usually a laser or electron beam, such that the liquid metal deposits onto the previous layers (or build plate) and then cools to […]