A Moving Look at a Solid Tool: Rigid Dynamics

Most of us who have been doing this simulation thing  for a while (in fact, if you still call it analysis instead of simulation you probably fall in this group) always think of ADAMS or DADDS when someone brings up Rigid Body Dynamics tools. Most people forget that ANSYS, Inc. has had a strong offering […]

Keyframe Animation with CFD-Post

Creating useful visualizations of your fluid simulation results can be sometimes be a challenge. Images of contour plots, isosurfaces, or streamlines may not be sufficient to communicate your point. Sometimes you need to combine results together and use visual effects to transition between them. Cue up keyframe animation. In case you are not familiar with […]

PADT’s New CUBE HVPC Computers

Editors Note, 7/30/2014:This was an early post on our CUBE systems, we have since updated and improved our offering.  Visit www.padtinc.com/cube to get the latest information. Most of you should have received an e-mail blast yesterday announcing that PADT is now selling  a line computer systems that are configured specifically for CFD and FEA users.  Our […]

Mapped Meshing–Pt Deux

Eric Miller wrote a nice article back in February explaining the basics of using the mapped face meshing control available within ANSYS Workbench.  Now…it would take a special kind of man to tell one of the directors of the company he works for that well…he just didn’t do a good enough job explaining it.  Lucky […]

Beyond Clicking: Named Selections Move to the Worksheet

It seems like a minor thing.  For many users who have not known the glory that is APDL selection logic, they are not even aware of the power that surges through your fingers when you grab all the vertices between X = 1.2 and X=1.8, grab the lines attached to those vertices, then the areas […]

Random Thoughts on RSM, ANSYS people, and my new iPad2 and my Son’s 3DS

Warning, when you get done reading this you might be a little disappointed.   A couple of our engineers promised nice chunky articles for this week but then got hammered with billable work.  And I was off doing paperwork all week so I didn’t have time to write anything truly useful.  So, a day late, here […]

ANSYS Mechanical Scripting: HOWTO Part 5

Where we Left Off Last Time… In the last post of this series, I left you with an introduction to the Microsoft Visual Studio debugger and a description of how to debug scripts that we write.  In this post, I’m going to illustrate how to write what might actually turn out to be a useful […]

ANSYS 13.0 Enhanced Modal Analyses with Linear Perturbation

“Rest, rest, perturbed spirit!”  – William Shakespeare If you have ever performed a large deflection prestressed modal analysis in ANSYS Mechanical APDL prior to version 13.0, your spirit might have been perturbed as well.  The procedure was not very user friendly, to sum it up.  For example, unless you were careful, the modal results would […]

Making Pretty Plots in ANSYS Mechanical and Mechanical APDL

I was looking for some new images for our web page and all of the plots I had were pretty much screen grabs.  Not the high quality I was looking for.  And putting a picture of Angelina behind a mode plot probably won’t go over too well, or will go over too well and will […]

To 40 Gb/s Infiniband QDR and Beyond! HOW-TO

In this article I will show you how to install and configure two 64-bit Linux servers with a 40Gb/s Infiniband interconnect. The two servers are connected directly together with a 7mm QDR Cable. No switch is used in this configuration or setup document. The Inifinband cards used for the How-To have the Mellanox® ConnectX®-2 IB […]

ANSYS Mechanical Scripting: HOWTO Part 4

Where we left Off Last Time… In the third part of this series, I left you with an introduction to the ANSYS Selection Manager and Geometry B-Rep.  We also created a sample script that iterated over all of the faces in a selected body and created a named selection for each face.   We built on […]

IT Tips – Is SP1 for Windows 7 Going to Slow Down my Machine?

ANSYS R13 Lemans CPU Wall Clock Benchmark Results Before and After a Windows 7 64-bit SP1 Update I was curious what sort of impact the Windows 7 SP1 upgrade would have on a new install of ANSYS R13. Would the Service Pack upgrade have a positive or negative impact on the ANSYS R13 and additionally […]

FE Modeler Part 3: Morphing Meshes

In the first two parts of this series we talked about how to use FE Modeler to translate meshes and how to create geometry from meshes.  The third “big” thing that this tool does is allow you to morph a mesh to a new shape.  There are a few less important things that FE Modeler […]

Mapped Face Meshing in ANSYS Workbench

In the era of automatic tetrahedral meshing, many have lost their way.  Wondering analysts simply read in their geometry, specify a few sizing controls, hit a mesh button and get a mesh.  But in the end, they receive a mesh that is not ideal, especially on the surface.  What these meandering meshers need is a […]

Mid-side nodes: Do they really help?

Do those pesky mid-side nodes really do anything other than increase my node count and runtime?  Over the years, I have heard that question over and over. “Do I really need them?”  If you are using tetra elements, then the answer is absolutely, “Yes!”  They even do more than just give you nice curvature to […]