Quick Tip: Tool for Putting LaTex Equations in PowerPoint

I’m not a big fan of LaTex. That is probably more a reflection of the fact that I don’t have an advanced degree and didn’t have to write a dissertation than anything else.  But one thing that is worse than LaTex is the equation editor in PowerPoint. If you are like us, you use PowerPoint as your primary reporting tool and dread putting equations in.

Matt Sutton was doing just that the other day and thought “there has got to be a better way!”  He found one. A tool called IguanaTex.


There is not much to it, it is free, and it works well.

Iguana Tex screen shot

Example of IguanaTex output

Here are some equations from a presentation Matt just did:





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  1. Microsoft’s new (since 2007) equation editor has very good support for direct entry of equations from the keyboard with the added benefit of real time rendering. You can enter nearly identical syntax to that shown in your Latex example and get very similar results without firing up an extra piece of software.

    Take a look at this document for tips on entering equations from the keyboard: