Breakthrough Energy Innovation - Thermal Optimization


Increasing energy efficiency through thermal optimization is a goal for many consumer product designers, industrial equipment manufacturers, and construction project managers. Green building certification standards, energy star ratings, and other programs encourage energy efficiency in buildings and appliances where even small improvements in heating and cooling efficiency can save money. However, physically testing new construction variations and options for appliances, industrial equipment and manufacturing plant configurations is costprohibitive.

A test plant is too big and expensive to build, and shutting down an operating plant costs too much in terms of production losses. Simulation of thermal management lets you build virtual equipment and industrial plants for testing, so you can predict before building or keep the production plant running while experimenting with thermal management improvements using simulation software.

ANSYS engineering simulation solutions can help you with thermal optimization by enabling you to capture all thermal processes — convection, conduction, radiation, combustion, electrical induction, electrical resistance, Joule heating — in powerful simulations. You can also seamlessly integrate all multiphysics interactions impacting thermal performance, achieve fast thermal optimization with integrated tools, and advance from geometry to thermal simulations in a flash.

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