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Product development is about applying creativity, technology, and experience in a coordinated way to make something new, make something that will have commercial success, and every once in a while something that will change an industry.  PADT's Product Development and Medical Device teams are the product design partnera than can make this happen. That is what we do: We Make Innovation Work.

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A Partner, From Concept to Production

What sets PADT apart from most Product Development service providers is that we form a strong win-win-win partnership between our customers, PADT, and our vendors.  Everyone works together with passion and dedication to make a difference, to meet project goals, and to design outstanding products.  We make this happen through the way we manage projects, the proper application of computer aided design (CAD), and the engineering expertise that we bring to the team...

en-gi-neer-ing - [en-juh-neer-ing]

  1. the application of science and mathematics by which the properties of matter and the source of energy in nature are made useful to people
  2. the design and manufature of complex products

Engineering Products

Everyone has their strengths.  At PADT we are good at a lot of things, but what we really excel at is engineering.  We take science and math and we apply it through an amazing array of methods and processes to create new products.  Our customers count on PADT not because they have simple problems; they rely on PADT because they have difficult problems.  They know that PADT's engineers and technicians are passionate about solving these tough problems.

An Understanding of Product Design and Development

There are many steps involved in developing a new product.  It is important to work with a partner like PADT who can deliver the resources needed for all of these steps and can coordinate the whole effort.  PADT's team of project managers, engineers, and technicians also understand that each design project is unique, and that standard tools and processes need to be adapted to best serve each case.  For each project, we start by working with the customer to develop a plan that utilizes the resources of all parties involved, and then we constantly review and update that plan as the project progresses.

Specific Industry Experience, Applicable Across Industries

PADT's staff has experience in a wide variety of industries.  We purposefully hire team members who have strong theoretical and practical backgrounds in areas where advanced engineering is used. We constantly take that industry specific experience and apply it to other industries, spreading the benefit of that experience in new ways.  This has allowed us to apply aerospace manufacturing methods to medical devices, Turbomachinery design practices to alternative energy projects, and medical quality procedures to improve robustness of consumer products.  This cross pollination of methods and tools is a critical advantage of working with PADT.

Medical Device Development: A Special Area of Focus

All industries have their unique requirements and challenges, but developing Medical Device products is so unique that PADT has formed a separate team, PADT Medical, to focus on helping customers conceptualize, develop, test, and produce medical products.  Our team is a mixture of seasoned Medical Device engineers and product design engineers from other industries, giving our customers added perspective and experience to draw from.  Because quality is so important to this industry, the team operates under a flexible Quality System that can be adapted to most projects, or the team can operate under the customer's Quality System. 

Product Development Statistics

Make PADT a Partner on Your Next Product Development Project

Whether you work at a startup or are a product manager at a large multinational, PADT is the right partner for your next product design project.  Learn more about what we do and some of successes by visiting the links to the right. Or, contact us and one of our project managers will answer any of your questions.

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