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Stratasys 3D Printers - Professional Systems in all Shapes and Sizes

From desktop prototypes to factory floor production systems, Stratasys machines let users quickly realize their designs - going directly from computer models to usable, accurate parts. 3D Printers let you think faster - move quicker - cuts costs.

It is PADT’s opinion that Stratasys is the market leader in 3D Printing and production systems for four simple reasons:

  1. Stratasys offers a true full range of systems from small "hobby" level to large high-end manufacturing stations
  2. The parts are strong and attractive and can be used as functional prototypes, marketing model, or for tooling
  3. The product line offers access to a wide variety of materials, allowing customers to obtain the part behavior and coloring they need
  4. The systems are easy to operate and maintain, requiring no special equipment, facilities, or training.

An added bonus of acquiring your 3D Printing system from PADT is that we support and provide maintenance for most of the systems we sell. We will get you up to speed faster and we will be there ready to help when you need us.

Visit our Stratasys product video page to see these systems in action. Or take a look at each product family: Idea, Design, and Production, to find the systems that are right for you.

Idea Series

The Stratasys Idea Series levels the playing field by bringing professional 3D printers to individuals and small teams, accelerating creativity.

Making the leap to world-class 3D printing at such a low cost is a revolution on its own.

Desktop FDM Printers

ABSplus in 10 Colors Affordable, fast.
Larger Models, Robust
ABSplus in 9 Colors
Larger Models, Robust

Prototyping Series

The Stratasys F123 Series is the ultimate, all-in-one rapid prototyping system for your entire team. It combines the power of FDM with the ease of GrabCAD Print for the most versatile and intelligent solution available. More capable, more affordable, and more user friendly.

FDM F123 Systems

Fast and Accurate
10x10x10 build volume
Fast and Accurate
12x10x12 build volume
Fast and Accurate
14x10x14 build volume
Design Series

If you need in-house prototyping capability, the Design Series is specifically designed for you. Using a variety of colors, materials, and build sizes, these systems are ideal for cranking out accurate and usable prototypes.

Desktop PolyJet Printers

White Material
Affordable, Fine Detail
Wide range of materials
Affordable, Fine Detail

Mid-Range PolyJet Printers

15 Materials
3 Sizes, Precise

Advanced PolyJet Printers

Combine 3 Base Materials
Color, 1000+ Materials

FDM Design Systems

9 Colors of ABS
Affordable and Durable
9 Colors of ABS
High Resolution FDM
9 Colors of ABS
Advanced Controls
Production Series

The Stratasys Production Series is built to streamline manufacturing while maximizing your possibilities — handling the largest prototypes and accurate low-volume parts with agility.

Production FDM Systems

11 Material Options
2 Sizes, Functional Parts
12 Material Options
Large Build Area

Production PolyJet Systems

Combine 3 Base Materials
Color, 1000+ Materials
Full Color, 6 Base Materials, 364,000 Material Options
Combine 3 Base Materials
Huge Size, 120 Materials