PeDAL Help

Keyboard Shortcuts

The toolbar is the primary way in which users interact with the program, and most of the common commands found in the Main Menu are presented as icons on the toolbar:

Text Editor
Keyboard SHortcut
F1 Display help for APDL command on the current line
F2 Search Ansys Help for the word closest to the cursor location, or if there is text currently selected, the selected text.
DEL Delete the currently selected text. If no text is selected, delete one character after the insertion point.
TAB Increase indentation level.
Shift + TAB Decrease indentation level.
CTRL + A Select all of the text in the document.
CTRL+C Copy the selected text to the clipboard.
CTRL + N Create a new macro file.
CTRL + O Open an existing macro file.
CTRL + S Save the current macro file.
CTRL + V Paste the contents of the clipboard at the current insertion point.
CTRL + W Set the working directory to the root directory of the current macro file.
CTRL + X Cut the current selection and place it on the clipboard.
CTRL + Y Redo the last command.
CTRL + Z Undo the last command.
CTRL + Shift + Backspaace Reset the GUI layout.
CTRL + Up Zoom in the text editor display.
CTRL + Down Zoom out the text editor display.
CTRL + Home Restore the zoom level of the text editor display.

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