Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Over one thousand customers have come to PADT since 1994 for their rapid prototyping and expert molding needs. Even though the rapid prototyping team at PADT is relatively small compared to most of our competitors, we continue to grow and thrive by providing a level of service and expertise that some try to copy, but few achieve.

Rapid Prototyping Propeller FDM

Rapid Prototyping that is Rapid and Affordable, but not Automated

There are dozens of providers who will take your part, generate an automatic quote, and make your part on whatever system they have.  PADT decided a long time ago to be different, to build our processes around interaction with the customer, and to offer all of the leading rapid prototyping technologies: SLA, SLS, FDM, and PolyJet.  We keep our prices competitive by being efficient and capable at what we do.  At PADT, you are not just a job number, you are a customer with a history and a set of unique needs, and we are here to work with you. "Get a Quote Now".

Expert Manufacturing Services, Here to Solve the Tough Problems

Making a prototype is often just the start of the manufacturing process.  PADT is here to help with the entire process.  We specialize in providing:

We deliver these services using our own in-house equipment. We also provide manufacturing consulting to help with those tough production problems.  The one common factor about this diverse set of offerings is that PADT is focused on helping our customers solve the difficult problems that they encounter during manufacturing.

Offering Tools that Deliver: Prototyping Systems, Scanners, and Support

When we like a product at PADT, we sell it.  In the areas of rapid of rapid prototyping and scanning, we have done just that and resell 3D Printers and Manufacturing Centers from Stratasys, Inc. as well as scanning solutions from Geomagic.  All of these products are sold and supported with PADT's highly technical approach that is focused on making sure our customers receive the greatest value for their investment.

Recognized Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Experts

Industry insiders around the world recognize the engineers and technicians in PADT's Rapid Prototyping department as leaders in the application of rapid prototyping and manufacturing.  And PADT backs up this leadership by sharing our knowledge in this area through participation in professional societies, offering free seminars, and through our RP Resource

See why So Many Companies Choose PADT for Rapid Prototyping and Expert Manufacturing

If you are new to rapid prototyping, or a long time user of the technology, take some time to explore the links to the right to better understand why so many companies trust PADT with their rapid prototyping and manufacturing needs. Or, contact us and one of our team members will answer any of your questions.

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