Product Development Process

Successful product commercialization is achieved when a product development process is integrated within customer development and is executed by an experienced team where everyone involved is following that process.    Since 1994, PADT has worked to build an experienced team of development engineers, establish a product development process, and hone our skills.  This effort has led to the following core principles:

  • Build the right product.  This means working closely with our clients to understand what the end customers want and are willing to pay for.  It also means testing the market by building prototypes early and validating design choices with end customers. 
  • Identify risks.  We use broad teams to explore design options and prioritize risks.  Understanding technical risk is important, but the risk associated with uncertainty about end customer behavior is equally important.   
  • Reduce to practice early. Testing reveals unexpected issues and confirms design performance.  Once risks are identified, we devise simple tests that can be employed quickly with partial systems or analogs of the product to de-risk the product design.
  • Employ expertise.  PADT has a wide range of experience, but most projects benefit from external expertise.  We have a strong network of consultants and we understand that a few hours from these experts often accelerates’ development and reduces risk.
  • Communicate often and well.  We have developed an infrastructure internally that allows all team members to find information and know what they are responsible for.  We use WEBEX and other tools to communicate with clients.  We invest heavily in the proposal process to develop plans that reflect the client’s business goals.
  • Iterate instead of optimize.  It is better to iterate through the design, build, test, validate loop quickly rather than to try to get everything perfect up front.  Validating with real hardware in the customer hands often leads to clarification about what features a product should have.
Product Development Process

A Proven Process

Product development is a non-linear process that cannot be fully described in a rigid process.  Instead it is a collection of iterations with forward progress gated by end customer feedback and directed by experience and judgment.  The following graphic illustrates the idealized product development process employed by PADT. Click on graphic for larger view.

A Process Designed to Make Your Innovation Work

The best way to understand how PADT's product development process can help you get better products to market, in less time, and with less expense, is to contact one of our product development engineers. They can work with you to understand where your product is in the development cycle and how best PADT can contribute to its success.

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