AnsKeys HotKeys

AnsKeys HotKeys v2.0 is a Visual Basic program which will provide HotKeys for commonly issued commands and hide/unhide the ANSYS Process Status dialog box. Pressing the Keys shown in the screen shot below will send the commands, shown in the boxes, to the input window. Pressing the Hide Process Status button will hide or unhide the Process Status window. This program only works on PCs and has been tested with Windows 2000 and ANSYS 6.0/6.1/7.0. The installer can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

This version of HotKeys allows full customization of all the keys. You can either alter the text in the program window and then push the Save Settings button, or edit the file “keymap.txt” found in the installation directory “C:\Program Files\PADT Anskeys”. When editting the file, you should only change the lines that are between the HotKey lines.

For example, to change the setting of Control-F3 from “plnsol,s,z” to “/reset $ /view,1,1,1 $ rsys,11 $ plnsol,s,z”, edit the keymap.txt to look like this:

/reset $ /view,1,1,1 $ rsys,11 $ plnsol,s,z


Or like this (you can add as many lines as you like as long as you don’t mess with the HotKey lines):



If you want to return to the default mappings, just delete the keymap.txt file and rerun the program. It will make a new one.


Download ANSKEYS hotkeys


NOTE: PADT provides this software free of charge on an “as is” basis. No support for this software will be provided.

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