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1201 - Introduction to Flownex

1201 - Introduction to Flownex

You should attend this training if you are interested in 1D thermal fluid modeling in Flownex Simulation Environment. The aim of the two-day course is to equip new Flownex users with the skills to use the most common features of the software with time also set aside to model client specific problems.
You should have a B.S. in engineering or equivalent engineering experience.
Training can be tailored to meet individual customer needs and comes with a free 30 day evaluation license.

By the end of this training, trainees should be able to:

  • Navigate the User Interface of the Flownex Simulation Environment to find Help, Functionality tools, Component libraries, Charts and Lookup tables and Inputs and Outputs.
  • Use the Flow components and Boundary conditions in the Flownex library to model basic thermal fluid systems (liquid and gas reticulation networks,  power generation cycles, HVAC)
  • Create transient scenarios to perform a dynamic simulation of thermal fluid systems in Flownex
  • Use the Flownex Sensitivity analysis tool to do a parametric study to assist in selecting the best industry available equipment.
  • Use the Flownex Designer tool to automatic calculate component sizes and capacities to obtain a specified or number of specified system operating conditions. 
  • Use Flownex Visualization tools to build a Human Machine Interface which can be used by a controller for understanding or training purposes.

Available Classes:

No Classes are currently scheduled for this course. Please contact PADT to request the class.

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