Christmas Right-Left Gift Exchange Story: Star Wars Adventure


For our Holiday parties at PADT, we generally have over 50 employees, so a traditional Secret Santa gift exchange takes too long. At some point, we downloaded a right-left gift exchange story from the internet, and it was a big hit. When we ran out of stories on the internet, we started writing our own, usually in some sort of over-the-top style that fits the theme of our holiday party.

How Does The Gift Exchange Work?

Everyone gets the gift they brought and forms a big circle in the middle of the room.  Someone with a strong voice (or a microphone) reads the story, and every time the word LEFT is read, everyone passes the package they have to the left. Every time the word RIGHT is read, everyone passes the package they have to their right.  You should pause a bit at each LEFT/RIGHT to give people a chance to pass. Once the story is over, you end up with the gift you are holding.

You Can Find Previous Gift Exchange Stories Here:

These stories are for everyone’s use, free, and with no strings attached. So please copy and paste the text into your word processor and enjoy. And if it all goes well, please share a picture with us at

This year we started the day of our holiday party by attending the new Star Wars movie, so the story had to be Star Wars related.

The Rebels Save Christmas

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away…

San To Claas is in trouble. RIGHT next to the RIGHT-torna system on the LEFT side of the Galaxy, the planet Northpoliax, in a LEFT-hand orbit around the star LEFTonia 37, was the galactic hub for all things Christmas. Gifts LEFT the system RIGHT after the planet’s winter solstice. But nothing LEFT on this particular orbit. Because RIGHT above the largest continent on Northpoliax, an Imperial Death Star hovered. Threatening Christmas for everyone.

A new Sith lord, Darth RIGHTis, hated Christmas. All that cheer and spirit LEFT him cold inside—too much of the light side of the force. Just the thought of all those gifts for younglings LEFT him angry. But help was RIGHT around the corner. A squadron of Xwing fighters was following RIGHT behind the Millennium Falcon.

“Arffhhhhdghgg” said Chewy.

“What? The moon on the RIGHT or the one on the … other side?” Asked Han Solo. Chewy gestured to the right, but Hans went to the LEFT.

“Your other LEFT” yelled Princess Leia.

Han dived RIGHT behind the moon and slingshotted RIGHT toward the Death Star, the squadron of X-wings RIGHT behind them.

The lead pilot said: “Red leader, this is blue leader. You take the LEFT side. We will take the… same side as well, RIGHT after you attack, those bastards won’t expect that.”

“RIGHT” Responded blue leader.

Han added: “We will soften up that LEFT side for you. Then let loose the “big present” after both your passes. The warhead should go RIGHT in and end this madness. “

As they approached, the Millennium Falcon put covering fire to the RIGHT, then veered to the RIGHT, leaving the LEFT open. The X-wings attacked, diving RIGHT into the slot and trying not to hit either side, the LEFT or the RIGHT. The first attack LEFT the defenses damaged. The second attack on the LEFT was RIGHT on target. That LEFT the run of the Millennium Falcon.

After diving into the slot and expertly dodging the few laser canons left, Han released a plasma bomb wrapped in a big red package with a bow RIGHT on top. As Han pulled up and to the LEFT, and then the RIGHT, the warhead exploded RIGHT on the inside of the main power coupler. Chewy, sitting in the RIGHT seat, bellowed in victory as the Death Star exploded RIGHT under them. As the debris cleared, a hologram image appeared RIGHT in the middle of the cabin.

It showed Admiral San To Clause, wearing his red uniform with white fur epaulets on the RIGHT and … his other shoulders.

“Thank you all for coming RIGHT when we needed you. RIGHT now, Christmas is saved, and the dark side is LEFT with one less Sith Lord. May the force be with you. And Merrrrrry Christmas to all!

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