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You asked, and we answered. Below find a list of answers to commonly asked questions regarding the capabilities of Nimbix and it’s applications for ANSYS simulation software.

If you have additional questions you can email us at, or view a recording of our recent webinar on the benefit of using Nimbix when it comes to running simulation on the cloud:

Nimbix FAQ

  • Does NIMBIX comply with NIST 800-171/800-53 requirements
    1. NIMBIX is currently working on NIST compliance as we speak and are hoping to complete this very soon
  • What is the maximum core count?
    1. Customers using NIMBIX has access to thousands of cores. There are customers using 500 cores, 1000 cores and even more.
  • Does Nimbix provide any details of solving performance or hardware performance after a solution?
    1. What’s great about Nimbix is that you have complete access to the typical ANSYS performance/hardware outputs that all the solvers provide. In addition NIMBIX provides access to time/cost for the machines themselves
  • Any try before you buy arrangement to try it out?
    1. Please contact us at if you have any questions or if you’d like to see Nimbix in more details
  • My companies QA program requires verification of software installation. Can Nimbix run the workbench/ANSYS test suite?
    1. Nimbix is able to run a variety of benchmarks to validate and verify ANSYS
  • Maybe just a general question…any idea which solvers use GPUs?
    1. The Mechanical solver utilizes GPU extensively. In addition one of the Fluent solvers and an HFSS solver can utilize a GPU
  • The cost is of course important…how can you get the startup cost easily?
    1. Nimbix shows list prices on the website for a variety of machines. In addition Nimbix does not charge any subscription fees, gives each user 500GB free and does not charge file upload/download fees.  Please email us for any further clarifications
  • Is the license fee the typical fee for a standalone/network license?
    1. In terms of licensing, a customer’s own licenses are always used to run ANSYS. Nimbix can either host some or all of your licenses on their license server. OR Nimbix can access your own license server through a tunnel VPN.
  • Can you provide more insight on the monetary cost of running a computational intensive simulation, like very high-velocity object impact using ANSYS/Autodyn on Nimbix (large run time, large file storage)?
    1. As always, costs will vary depending on the type of problem. Please email us at if you want exact details on costs
  • How is session cost calculated?
    1. Session costs are purely based on time that you hold a machine. Time is calculated to the second
  • Suppose I’m limited not on cores in the office, but on licenses. If all the Mechanicals/Solvers/PrepPosts are occupied by the rest of the team, can I still use your service?
    1. Licenses need to be provided by the customer, either through their own license server or by hosting partial licenses on Nimbix’s own license server
  • How is ANSYS licensing handled?
    1. In terms of licensing, a customer’s own licenses are always used to run ANSYS. Nimbix can either host some or all of your licenses on their license server. OR Nimbix can access your own license server through a tunnel VPN.
  • How does Nimbix proving compare to purchasing HPC units upfront for an internal system with 16 to 32 cores? I know usage profile would matter, but this could be easily charted?
    1. Usage would definitely dictate a comparison. If there any specific use cases you’d like to investigate please reach out to us at
  • ANSYS/Autodyn is available on the Nimbix HPC platform?
    1. Yes it is
  • Is there a minimum charge?
    1. There is no minimum charge.

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