PADT’s Penchant for Patents

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When they walk into PADT’s main office in Tempe, Arizona, the first thing most people notice is our “wall-o-patents.” Over the years, PADT employees have been named on 43 patents. They range from fuel cell membranes to silicon wafer coating to a slew of medical devices. When we received notification that staff members were listed as co-inventor on two patients with numbers over 10,000,000 we thought it was a good excuse to celebrate the years of contributions our engineers have made.

The rich collection highlights the diversity of industries we work on and the ingenuity of our staff. When the companies who own the Intellectual Property (IP) represented on that wall came to PADT looking for assistance with research, development, troubleshooting, and testing of their products they found a partner that did more than carry out tasks. PADT collaborated with them to create novel solutions and approaches that resulted in IP.

You can view all of our patents on our wall… or on our patent page here.

We want to say thank you to our staff and our customers for letting us be part of their innovation.

  • US10273703 sqr
  • US10220156 sqr
  • US9878498 sqr
  • US9642563 sqr
  • US9462964 sqr
  • US9414940 sqr
  • US9358136 sqr
  • US9332943 sqr
  • US9289163 sqr
  • US9226694 sqr
  • US9161717 sqr
  • US8926530 sqr
  • US8906040 sqr
  • US8839796 sqr
  • US8826733 sqr
  • US8784339 sqr
  • US8777877 sqr
  • US8746062 sqr
  • US8720270 sqr
  • US8714009 sqr
  • US8707782 sqr
  • US8701484 sqr
  • US8696756 sqr
  • US8690888 sqr
  • US8679186 sqr
  • US8661893 sqr
  • US8641729 sqr
  • US8516884 sqr
  • US8079829 sqr
  • US7513755 sqr
  • US7306707 sq
  • US7001491 sqr
  • US7001482 sqr
  • US6830626 sqr
  • US6589033 sqr
  • US6586128 sqr
  • US6412173 sqr
  • US6395095 sqr
  • US6161500 sqr
  • US6124051 sqr
  • US6019580 sqr
  • US5485868 sqr
  • US5161945 sqr

If you are looking for a partner that can work with you to turn your ideas in into Intellectual Property, please learn about our Product Development team or reach out to


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