Press Release: PADT Offers Stratasys’ Newest and Most Innovative 3D Printing Systems

Eight Stratasys 3D Printing Systems Released in 2021 are Now Available Through PADT

PADT started using Stratasys Additive Manufacturing systems over twenty years ago, and we like them so much we have been selling them for over fifteen years. We were excited when Objet and Stratasys merged and we could also offer Polyjet systems along with the proven FDM technology that Stratasys invented. And even though FDM and Polyjet meet the largest number of needs for 3D printing users, we always wanted to be able to offer a powder bed and stereolithography solution to our customers. We also wanted to see bigger and better machines for the established product lines.

We were not the only ones. And Stratasys management got to work through acquisition and internal development to bring forth eight new systems that drastically broaden what we can provide to our customers. And we could not be happier.

Read the press release below to learn about the new, large-format FDM F770 and the groundbreaking Selective Absorption Fusion (SAF) powder bed H350. Plus, not one but two Stereolithography systems – the projection-based Origin One and the SLA systems SLA users have been wanting for a long time, the NEO series. They didn’t stop there, they added four new Polyjet systems. The first full-color desktop printer, the J35, A medical version of the popular J5 multi-material printer, the J4100, the world’s largest multi-material printer, and an affordable and durable entry-level PolyJet printer, the Objet30 V5.

We are using the printers in our 3D printing services business, and we can’t wait to show you the wide range of materials, sizes, and surface finishes that are now available. Because we have been using many of these machines since beta, our technical staff can answer your detailed questions, so reach out today by calling 480.813.4884 or emailing

Here are links to the official versions of the press release in both PDF and HTML

Official Press Release:

PADT Offers Stratasys’ Newest and Most Innovative 3D Printing Systems

Eight Stratasys 3D Printing Systems Released in 2021 are Now Available Through PADT

TEMPE, Ariz., April 12, 2022 ─ PADT, a globally recognized provider of numerical simulation, product development, and 3D printing products and services, is now offering the complete lineup of Stratasys 3D printing systems released in 2021. Stratasys, a global leader in polymer 3D printing solutions, announced ten new systems in 2021 including its large-format F770, high-volume Origin®, versatile multi-material J35™ Pro and more. Additional information on the new systems and the entire Stratasys product line can be found on the PADT website at

“PADT is a Stratasys Platinum Partner and has been a reseller of its premium 3D printing systems since 2005,” said Rey Chu, co-founder and principal, PADT. “In 2021, Stratasys released a variety of systems designed for a multitude of different needs. Adding these innovative systems to our portfolio allows us to continue providing our customers with top-of-the-line 3D printing solutions no matter the application or industry.”

New Stratasys systems released in 2021 covered a wide variety of machine types including large format, small format, stereolithography, PolyJet, full color, production-grade, and more. Each system fits a unique role within the marketplace that is critical to users across industries as the use of 3D printing technology grows exponentially. Included below is background on each new system announced.

Stratasys F770 3D Printer PADT 1 1

F770 3D Printer

The F770, which incorporates Stratasys’ fused deposition modeling (FDM), P3, and selective absorption fusion (SAF) 3D printing technologies, is together geared towards accelerating the shift from conventional to additive manufacturing for low-to-mid-volume production applications. 

Stratasys H350 3D Printer PADT 1

H350 3D Printer

The  H350 3D printer leverages Selective Absorption Fusion (SAF) technology, and is designed specifically for higher-volume end-use parts production. The system gives manufacturers production consistency, a competitive and predictable cost per part, and complete production control for volumes of thousands of parts.

Stratasys OriginOne 3D Printer PADT 1

Origin® One

The Stratasys Origin One 3D printer is designed for end-use manufacturing applications. The Origin One system uses proprietary P3 technology to produce parts in a wide range of high-performance materials with industry-leading accuracy, repeatability, and time to part. 

Stratasys NEO 3D Printer PADT 1

Neo Series

The Neo is designed and made to be the market-leading stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer, producing parts in a wide range of material properties such as chemical resistance, heat tolerance, flexibility, durability, and optical clarity.

Stratasys J35 3D Printer PADT 1

J35™ Pro 3D Printer

The J35 Pro brings multi-material PolyJet 3D printing to the desktop for the very first time. Characterized by its notably compact frame, the system is suitable for everything from high-fidelity decorative pieces to functional engineering prototypes. 

Stratasys J5 MediJet 3D Printer PADT 1

J5 MediJet™ 3D Printer

Designed specifically for medical applications such as patient-specific anatomical models, surgical guides, and medical tooling, the PolyJet system is compatible with a whole host of sterilizable and biocompatible 3D printing resins.

Stratasys J4100 3D Printer PADT 1

J4100 3D Printer

The Stratasys J4100 is the world’s largest multi-material 3D printer. From full-scale prototypes to fully packed trays of precise, small parts, PolyJet’s signature precision and material range deliver accuracy and aesthetics on a grand scale.

Stratasys Objet3 V5 3D Printer PADT 1

Objet30 V5 3D Printer

The Objet30 3D Printer provides accuracy and versatility in a compact footprint – making it great for prototyping consumer products, even with limited space and budget.

More information on new Stratasys systems can be found at, or call PADT at 1-800-293-PADT to speak with a sales representative. To learn more about PADT and its 3D printing products and services, please visit

About Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies

Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies, Inc. (PADT) is an engineering product and services company that focuses on helping customers who develop physical products by providing Numerical Simulation, Product Development, and 3D Printing solutions. PADT’s worldwide reputation for technical excellence and experienced staff is based on its proven record of building long-term win-win partnerships with vendors and customers. Since its establishment in 1994, companies have relied on PADT because “We Make Innovation Work.” With over 80 employees, PADT services customers from its headquarters at the Arizona State University Research Park in Tempe, Arizona, and from offices in Torrance, California, Littleton, Colorado, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Austin, Texas, and Murray, Utah, as well as through staff members located around the country. More information on PADT can be found at

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