PADT Launches New Website with Improved, Modern Design, Enhanced Navigation Features, and Better Access to Content


First Major Website Update for PADT Since 2012

It’s been a long journey and a year-long soft release, but the new PADT website is now officially launched at the start of 2023. We had a few corners that needed building out, some paint swapping on a few doors, and some windows that needed to be refit. And we could keep modifying things for another year, but our team decided now was the time to call it done. In fact, if you are reading this, you are already using our new site.

You can read about the details in our press release, including how Founder’s Workshop helped us plan and then implement our new online presence. Besides the type of content you would expect, like product information, contact details, and a rich “about” section, we ported our famous blog, including posts going back to 2002. “The Focus,” our Ansys-related blog content, has been renamed as PADT’s Ansys blog. We also added two new resources – the world’s only Flownex User Forum and the largest glossary for 3D Printing terms on the internet.

Speaking of product information, you will find much more detailed information about Ansys, Stratasys, Flownex, and EOS products, along with quick links for technical support. The 3D Printing, Simulation, and Product Development services areas are also cleaned up and provide more detail to help you find the assistance you need. We even added a form here in there to make it easier to ask us questions and send us information.

And we are not done. Right now, we are working on updating, our e-commerce site. Then we will come back and add more bells and whistles to the main site. Stay tuned.

PADT's New Website, Home Page
Home Page
PADT's New Website, Simulation Page
Simulation Page
PADT's New Website, Manufacturing Page
Manufacturing Page
PADT's New Website, Product Development Page
Product Development Page

Our Old Websites

As part of this effort, we went back and looked at old versions of our site. If you are of a certain age, you might find them interesting: Over Time 1

We tried to follow the trending look and feel for the time… we just held on to them for a long time before we updated. When we started, it was just an online brochure. Then it was used for our customers to get information. But since the 2013 revamp, has been an integral part of our business, with hundreds of visits every week day and over 100,000 visits every year.

Although we think this site could last for another ten years like the last one, we will try and update it before then. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you find anything missing or hard to find or if visiting the new site piques your interest in the products and services PADT offers.

The official press release can be found in PDF and HTML.


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