Pi Day (3/14) Is Still One of PADT’s Favorite Nerd Holidays

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Every year March 14th, Pi Day, sneaks up on us. But the good news is that celebrating Pi Day is easy and fun. This year was no exception as we went out and got some pie and put together a Math Quiz. We also shared some interesting Pi Day Facts.

Because it snuck up on us, we did not have a pie-baking competition, we just bought pies. No one complained.

pi day 2023 f01

And, as we have learned for many years, apple pie is still the favorite.

Interesting Pi Day Fact: The 100 Trillionth digit of Pi is Zero

The most interesting fact we uncovered was that a group of mathematicians have now calculated Pi to 100 trillion digits. It is a little hard to get your head around a number that big, but not as hard as getting your head around that fact that Pi has an infinite number of digits. The recorded in 2019 was 31.4 trillion, then 62.8 trillion in 2021. On June 8th of 2022 they made it to 100 trillion. They used a 128 CPU system on Google Cloud and it stood 157 days and 23 hours (that is five months). The amount of disk space used was 515 TB. Here are the last 10 digits:

4658718895 1242883556 4671544483 9873493812 1206904813
2656719174 5255431487 2142102057 7077336434 3095295560

Now, when the conversation at your next family dinner goes dead, you can bring up that the 100 trillionth digit of pi is zero.

Pi Day Is Really About Math, and What is Math Without a Quiz?

Although we use it, like most holidays, as an excuse to eat treats, when you really get down to it Pi Day is a celebration of all things math. The fact that dividing the length around a circle by the diameter of that circle gives is not a round number points to the wonder and magic found in math.

We do have a lot of engineers here at PADT, so no surprise that on average, people did well. In fact, five employees only got one question wrong. But, Molly, one of our Ansys consulting engineers was the only one with a perfect score.

The winner gets this years Pi Plate:

image 3

That is why every year we do a math quiz. Ten questions, some easy but some very hard. In the past, we published our quiz and the answers as PDF’s, but this year we are going to put a link to the quiz itself.

image 2
Click the pictures or this link to take the quiz

You won’t get a Pi Plate, but if you give us permission, we will list your name and company/university below this post if you miss one or get a perfect score. You can also find last year’s Pi Day Quiz and some links for planning your own Pi Day, in last year’s blog post.

image 4

We hope you had as good of a Pi Day as we did here!


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