A Short Resource Page for No-Code and Low-Code Tools


Ever want to create your own mobile, web, or computer application but don’t know a programming language? Plenty of people know what they want their applications to do, but don’t know how to code. That is where No-Code and Low-Code Development Platforms come in.

I’ll be moderating a panel on March 30th at Venture Cafe Phoenix to introduce the community to No-Code and Low-Code. As part of that talk we wanted to provide some links to additional resources.

No-Code and Low-Code platforms are tools that let people build applications with a graphical interface instead of typing a computer language into an editor. You graphically create the user interface using drag-and-drop and forms. You use the same interface to tell your application what to do with the information users provide.

What are the Primary Uses for No-Code and Low Code tools?

  • Build a product for a startup or prototype a new application
    • Many non-technical entrepreneurs start their software business with a No-Code or Low-Code prototype or even a minimum viable product (MVP).
    • This allows you to define your product, test product market fit, and get customer feedback without hiring a development team.
  • Automate workflow for small business
    • Small businesses don’t have to hire consultants to improve their efficiency and automate repetitive or complex tasks
    • Just tell the program what your process is and build your application
  • Connect databases and automate processes and connect data for an enterprise.
    • Enterprises can avoid spending thousands of dollars, and endless meetings, by having an external group or consultant automate processes or connecting different data silos.
    • Users of the processes can create their own workflows.

No-Code and Low-Code Fundamentals

No-Code and Low-Code Resources, Figure 2

Resources on the Web for No-Code and Low-Code Platforms

  • NoCode.Tech
    • Neutral site – Most resources promote a specific platform
    • Tools directory, tutorials, and example
  • An example from PADT using No-Code to automate a process
  • 13 Examples of how People use No-Code to create apps
  • A great article from Founder’s Workshop (the people who did this website) on their experience with Low-Code and No-Code.

Four Recommended Free No-Code Platforms

  1. Bubble.io
    • The most popular general purpose platform. Powerful and easy to use. Lots of examples
    • Free for basic things. Monthly fees for more
  2. Microsoft PowerAutomate
    • Built into Office 365
    • Free version does the basics. Pro and Enterprise do a lot more.
    • Connects to many other tools
  3. AppSheet
    • Very popular free spreadsheet-based data automation tool
  4. Glide
    • Popular platform for mobile app
No-Code and Low-Code Resources, Figure 3
This list was created to support the Low Code Panel at Venture Cafe Phoenix on March 30th, 2023.

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