New, emerging companies have always been a focus of PADT, since the days when PADT itself was a startup. We work with the startup community is several different ways. All of our efforts in this area are focused on giving back in a way that increases the strength of the community.

Take a look at each of our efforts and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Design Days

PADT has partnered with CEI, Avnet, and Coplex to offer a unique, and free, resource to the startup community. Once a month anyone can sign up and get 30-60 minutes free consulting with expert product design, electrical, and software develoment engineers. Entreprenuers, Inventors, and Makers are all welcom. The experts are there to listen, answer questions, and offer advice.

Sign up here.

Angel Investing

Sometimes you have to put your money where your mouth is. When it comes to supporting startups PADT has made angel investments in an array of companies and an even broader list through contributions to three angel investing funds.

We invest through the Arizona Technology Investors and also serve on their screening commitee.

See our portfolio of investments here .

The ANSYS Startup Program

As an ANSYS channel partner, we are able to offer a unique oportunity to startups. The ANSYS Startup Program is a way for new companies to lease the world's most used, and most powerful, simulation tools at a fraction of the standard price.

Lear nore here.

Discounted 3D Printing for Startups

For companies that need to have prototpyes made of their design, PADT offers discounted 3D Printing services. Companies can qualify for the discount if they are members of an Arizona incubator that PADT has approved for the program.

Learn about our 3D Printing capabilities here.


Offering advice and mentoring to startups is another way that PADT supports the community. We work through groups like Venture Ready, Invest Southwest, and several incubators to match our engineers with startups that can leverage their experience.

Supporting Events

Our most visible contribution to the startup community is speaking at and sponsoring events. Some of our most recent apperences have been:

  • Panel at Invest Southwest
  • Seminars during Phoenix Startup Week
  • Panel at New Mexico Tech Council ExperienceIT
  • Speaker at HardwareMassive
  • Webinar for StartupBlink



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