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Manage Your PADT Email Subscriptions

Please let us know what emails you would like to recieve by filling in this form. More information on how PADT uses email in our background and list discription sections.


PADT's email list has been working fine for some time. You didn't unsubscribe so you found it useful. Everyone seemed happy. Then came a four-letter-acronym that changes everything when it comes to email marketing: GDPR

The "General Data Protection Regulation" is a rule from the European Union that restricts how companies use personal data, including personal email addresses. You can read about it here if you want to know more.

If you are wondering why everyone is asking you to re-subscribe to lists and also making you accept their cookie policy on their website, the answer is GDPR. It affects email because your email address is considered personal data, and companies cannot use it without your permission.

We are asking your permission to use your email address.

Since we have customers who are European citizens, we need to be compliant. To be honest, we like this new rule as we too are recipients of marketing emails and want our personal data protected. Therefore, it would be hypocritical to not comply for our own mailing lists.

If you’d like to continue to receive emails from PADT, we kindly ask that you please take 30 seconds to opt-in to at least one of the new lists we mention below.

Read below to get more information on our four list offerings and what type of content you can expect from each.

About PADT's Four Email Lists

We offer four options for email lists to subscribe to. You can choose all four, or just the ones you want.

Note: If you sign up for any of these lists, you will get our Monthly Newsletter. And, you will not receive duplicates.

PADT General Information Email List

This is the one list we recommend for all. Members will receive our monthly newsletter, a summary of our events including open houses and webinars, and any news about PADT that is worth sharing. Subscribers should expect one to five emails a month.

PADT Simulation Email List

Users of ANSYS products, Flownex, or any other simulation tool should sign up for this list. We will share updates on the simulation products we sell and support, as well as the services we offer. This includes training, free webinars, news, and a ton of tips and hints. This is our most active list and subscribers should expect to see two to six emails a month.

PADT Additive & Advanced Manufacturing Email List

This is the prefect list for those interested in 3D Printing, Scanning, or other advanced manufacturing tools. We will send information about Stratasys additive manufacturing systems, developments around metal 3D Printing, and whatever our Advanced Manufacturing Technology Group thinks is worth sharing. You will receive invitations to all 3D Printing and Scanning webinars, classes, and seminars as well. Expect one to three emails per month for this list.

PADT Product Development and Testing Email List

Engineers involved in the design and development of products will find this list the most informative. Our Product Development and Medical Device Design teams will be sharing useful content with subscribers. Invites to related events will be sent as well as content that we think is useful. Expect one to three emails a month.