ANSYS Academic Program


Engineering simulation is playing a growing role in science and engineering at the university level. The ideal simulation solution for universities is one that is flexible enough to be of value to a diverse group of users with varying levels of expertise, from undergraduate students and teachers to postgraduate and faculty researchers.


Engineering Simulation Software Re-imagined for Students


For students, ANSYS offers a variety of free starter packages via a renewable twelve-month product license. This provides students with the ability to learn the fundamentals of simulation and gain a head-start on their future careers.


This includes offers for two different packages; ANSYS AIM Student, and ANSYS Student.















ANSYS Product Portfolios for Academic Institutions


ANSYS also provides a wide range of affordable technologies and services to help meet these diverse and evolving needs. Universities, colleges and research institutes around the world turn to ANSYS for high-quality simulation solutions to ensure that students receive the best engineering education possible. The low-cost, high-performance bundles of ANSYS simulation technology include structural, thermal, fluid dynamics, explicit dynamics, electronics and multiphysics solvers, ANSYS Workbench, CAD import tools, solid modeling, advanced meshing, and post-processing features.


The ANSYS Academic product portfolio is divided into the following categories:






There are thousands of features and functions associated with each academic product, no matter what physics or terms of use category you choose.

Free ANSYS Product Downloads for Students


ANSYS Student products are introductory software packages for engineering students interested in learning the fundamentals of simulation while gaining exposure to our state-of-the-art simulation workflows.


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ANSYS Student

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