Arizona Additive Manufacturing COVID-19 Response

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First Things First: Thank You

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This page will serve as a place to find information, including links to other sites.

I want to partner with other people and ASU!

ASU has create the PPE Response Network. Anyone can join and utilize their 3D Printing equipment to contribute to the response to COVID-19.

They have an area about what everyone is doing, an FAQ, Models, and much more.

Also, register your machine with them, even if you are working with a different group.

Where can I send equipment I make with my printer?

In Phoenix, Banner health and Project C.U.R.E have set up a donation collection site:

You can also work with many of the coordinating groups below to donate what you are making.

Please let us know if you are aware of any locations where people can drop off equipment.

How is the Arizona Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Assisting Manufacturers that Want to Assist with Making PPEs?

The Arizona MEP has a comprehensive resoruce page that goes well beyond what 3D Printing can do to help. If you are a manufacturer or engineer of any kind that wants to assist, visit their page:

Where can I find designs to print?

The NIH has worked with the VA, FDA, and America Makes to create a library of 3D Printable parts. The NIH 3D Print Exchange. They have files for multiple shields, mask comfort straps, and a face mask that is approved for use. You can also find projects to contribute to that are under review.

Everyone should be shifting from design they found on the Internet to these approved components.

What does the FDA say about 3D Printed PPE?

The FDA has been seeing a lot of requests from well intentioned people who want to leverage the power of 3D Printing to help in this crisis. However, some personal protective equipment are not well suited for 3D Printing.

Please view their FAQ and links referenced within for more information:

Bottom line: Physical barriers - OK. Anything else, more work needs to be done or it is not a good idea.

Where can I get plastic sheeting for shields?

We have found two sources for industrial plastic sheeting for use with shields:

Professional Plastics: 602-437-4555

Curbell Plastics: 888-517-7176

External Coordination Sites

These a few national or system specific sites. If you are looking to use your machine, or you want parts made using 3D Printing, visit these sites.

NIH 3D Print Exchange

The NIH has partnered with FDA, VA, and America makes to create a library of designs. Some are approved by the FDA for clinical use, others are non-clinical or under review. This is the place to go to get files:


For the Frontline: Devices Directly to People on the Front Line

This local group started as an idea from a 14 year old boy. They are donating 3D Printed devices to doctors, nurses, and freest responders. They need funds and/or 3D Printers to join their effort. Those needing PPE's can also request one on the site.


3D for CV - Combating the Shortage of COVID-19 Protective Gear.

This is a global initiative based here in Arizona. They are pooling 3D Printers and providing instructions, files, and templates. They also provide a way to get shields to people that need them. They are looking for systems and donations.


Senator Sinema's Office

Arizona based company interested in producing medical grade PPE? Senator Kyrsten Sinema's office can help you get fast approval from the FDA and connected with other companies that can advise you on manufacturing PPE. Email her team at:

America Makes

Lots of people are trying to coordinate on a national level. The primary resource right now is the America Makes site

America Makes is stepping up as the coordinating organization for getting 3D Printed designs approved faster, curating approved designs, as well as connecting those with needs and those with equipment. They are working with the NIH, who is creating a library of approved designs.


This giant in the AM space is offering a couple of things to help:

Stratasys Helps

Do you or your organization have 3D printing capacity? Are you looking for 3D printing help? We are working alongside our government officials, partners, customers, and medical community to connect the right people with the right resources.

Face Shield Files

FormLabs Initiative

FormLabs is the largest maker of desktop Stereolithography systems. They have a considerable effort in place since they have a biocompatible material available. They are asking their users to join them in making test swabs.

If you have a FormLabs machine, visit here:


Carbon manufactures an industrial high-volume 3D Printer that can use bio-compatible material. They have a face shield design and are working on releasing a test swab design for their machines.

If you have a Carbon machine, visit here:


HP 3D Printing systems are high volume systems that can make a lot of parts fast. They have files for HP machines to make face shields and rubber mask adjusters. They are working on approval for other designs. They have links to other designs including a hands-free door opener and a field respirator.

If you have HP Machines, visit here::

Siemens Additive Manufacturing Network

Siemens has marshaled its network of 3D Printing service providers into a way to design and print components needed to fight the spread and treatment of COVID-19. The assistance with design is a unique feature of this site.

To learn more, go here:


This is a national site that connects volunteers with people who need PPE. They are not just about 3D Printing and have good info on sewn equipment as well.

For more info, visit here:

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