Found on the Web: Nice Video on converting MAPDL Material Properties to Engineering Data Properties

While in San Diego this week to teach a training class, PADT’s Jason Krantz did what most PADT engineers do when they have an evening in a new, exciting city – he spent the night searching the internet for useful ANSYS knowledge.  OK, maybe not.  But he did stumble on something worth sharing.

Sheldon Imaoka published a very useful ScreenCast on how to use Workbench systems to get ANSYS Mechanical APDL material properties into engineering data without having to write a translator from APDL to XML or typing the values into the Engineering Data interface.  Take a look:


We also highly recomend you visit Sheldon’t web site,, for tons more useful info.  You can also find articles published by Sheldon in the official ANSYS blog.