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EOS is the leading supplier of digital manufacturing solutions through its industrial 3D printing technology. Our innovative EOS 3D systems set the standard for technology and quality for high-end solutions in additive manufacturing (AM). Founded in 1989, we are pioneers in metal 3D printing (DMLS). PADT and EOS provide world-class support, consulting, and services to ensure our customers get the most from their investment in our solutions.


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EOS Case Studies

A Disruptive Innovation of Thermal Management

Reinventing a High-Performance CPU Cooler with Additive Manufacturing

High heat loads limit the miniaturization of portable computers, power electronic devices and high-power LED lighting. Most ambitious technological solutions from the lab are not ready for mass production and deployment in consumer products. But industrial 3D printing, or so-called additive manufacturing, can bridge the gap for thermal
management components and keep lossy electronics cool even when the
available space is severely limited. The freedom of design provided by 3D printed thermal management components offers the same or superior effectiveness as conventionally manufactured components, but requires much less space. Enlarged surfaces, any-shape geometries and conformal cooling channels are among the opportunities of this manufacturing technology.
The efficiency gains that can be achieved were demonstrated with a gaming CPU cooler design for additive manufacturing. To maintain the same chip temperature, the new part requires 81 % less space and 93 % less weight than the best-in-class conventional cooler.

Future Ariane Propulsion Module:

Simplified by Additive Manufacturing

Mission Critical”” perfectly describes the Class 1 components used in
the aerospace industry. Missions costing hundreds of millions depend
on these components. Accordingly, engineers are constantly seeking
to develop components of the highest quality, functionality, and
robustness while simplifying the manufacturing chain and reducing
the number of individual elements. Thanks to EOS technology, Ariane
Group has succeeded in taking this to a whole new level: Instead of
248 elements, the injector head of a rocket engine of a future upper
stage propulsion module now counts just 1 component. The injector
head has been simplified and reduced to what is literally an all-in-one design.

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