How does it work?

Selective Absorption Fusion uses power bed fusion technology. Layer-by-layer, infrared-sensitive High Absorption Fluid (HAF) melts and fuses particles of polymer powder together.

PADT’s 3D Printing and Scanning Services are Delivered under our
Certified Quality Management System


Medium to high volume production
Great mechanical & thermal properties
Excellent geometric accuracy & precision
Repeatable & consistent
Smooth surface finish
Faster turnaround


End-Use Products
Manufacture geometrically accurate parts with excellent surface finishing.
Functionally Enhanced Parts
Design & print parts with movement, such as joints, hinges, and clips.
Molds & Load Bearing Parts
Produce strong & impact-resistant parts for demanding applications.

Technical Data

Layer Thickness 0.004
Accuracy/Tolerance Unpublished
Max Single Size Part 12.4 x 8.2 x 11.5”

*Accuracy/tolerance may vary with part geometry, dimensions, and build orientation

*Numbers are based on published Stratasys data

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