How does it work?

Selective Absorption Fusion uses power bed fusion technology. Layer-by-layer, infrared-sensitive High Absorption Fluid (HAF) melts and fuses particles of polymer powder together.


Medium to high volume production
Great mechanical & thermal properties
Excellent geometric accuracy & precision
Repeatable & consistent
Smooth surface finish
Faster turnaround


End-Use Products
Manufacture geometrically accurate parts with excellent surface finishing.
Functionally Enhanced Parts
Design & print parts with movement, such as joints, hinges, and clips.
Molds & Load Bearing Parts
Produce strong & impact-resistant parts for demanding applications.

Technical Data

Layer Thickness 0.004
Accuracy/Tolerance Unpublished
Max Single Size Part 12.4 x 8.2 x 11.5”

*Accuracy/tolerance may vary with part geometry, dimensions, and build orientation

*Numbers are based on published Stratasys data

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