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Connecting smart devices to the Internet opens up a world of possibilities. But doing it is not simple. Just on the "thing" part, sensors, actuators, and controllers need to be added and packaged,  embedded software must be written, a connection strategy must be developed and implemented.

Since 1994, PADT has been using advanced engineering technologies to make innovation work, and that same experience and knowledge is now being applied to helping our customers develop and implement their IoT strategy

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Everything you need to Develop an IoT Device


A full approach to device design

Design is about so many aspects of your IoT product. It is about how it looks, how it works, how it survives, and how it interacts with the Internet.  And most importantly, it is about how you can manufacture it.  PADT understands all of these different pieces and how they fit together, making sure your IoT device is designed right the first time.




A great design starts with a comprehensive product specification that addresses everything from customer experience to shipping constraints.

PADT's proven Product Development Process is flexible and rigorous.  By applying a standard approach, our team can solve problems faster and get to a finished product sooner.

IoT design is all about designing for the system.  Components must be optimized with respect to how they interact with the entire product, including software and communications.




Proper testing is a capability that differentiates "design houses" from engineering teams.  Testing is where your device is verified and problems are solved.

Understanding integration with all the other parts of an IoT product offering is what can make or break a new solution.  PADT understands integration and gets is right the first time.

All of our engineers have a fundamental understanding of how to make things. Proper design for manufacturing can save months in production and get products to market sooner.


The key to rapid and accurate IoT device development

PADT employs the latest software from ANSYS, Inc. to provide virtual prototyping early in the design process to understand the design of IoT devices.  The ANSYS product family covers the complete spectrum of physics, allowing our team to model the entire product as a system, not just one portion.

  • MEMS Sensor Design
  • EMI/EMC Compliance
  • Antenna Design & Integration
  • Sensor Design & Packaging
  • Model-Based Design & Simulation
  • Control System Design
  • Certified Code Generation
  • Visual Design Tools
  • Power Efficiency
  • Signal and Power Integrity Analysis
  • Wireless Power Delivery
  • Packaging Optimization & Robustness
  • Strength Analysis
  • Vibration and Drop Testing
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Thermal Analysis

From thermal management to ball grid array robustness to antenna design, simulation can save months of schedule and millions in cost.

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In-house machine shop and 3D Printing brings better products to market faster

Anyone can buy a 3D Printer.  What sets PADT apart is the fact that we have been using Additive Manufacturing on product development projects for 22 years.  We not only use 3D Printing, we sell and support the full line of  Stratasys systems.  Our service group has major technology in-house for plastic and metal.

Because user experience and fit are both critical to IoT devices, PADT uses our in-house 3D Printing early in the design process to make sure the product is right - inside and out.   We also employee Additive Manufacturing and our in-house machine shop in testing and for tooling to prototype manufacturing and assembly.

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