Flownex and PADT Support Student Rocketry with Launch Canada Rocketry Association Partnership

Student Rocket Scientists Use Flownex to Model Propellant Flow, Chamber Cooling, and High-Pressure Gas Feed in Their Experimental Liquid Fuel Rocket Engines


TEMPE, Ariz., June 7, 2022PADT, a globally recognized provider of numerical simulation, product development, and 3D printing products and services, has partnered with Launch Canada Rocketry Association (LCRA) to give engineering students access to the full capabilities of Flownex, the industry-leading thermal fluid simulation tool. Students will be able to use simulation in Flownex to easily and quickly model and optimize the experimental propulsion systems they are developing for LCRA’s Launch Canada Competition.

The partnership agreement gives teams access to the full Flownex Simulation Environment and the Flownex User Forum for support and self-paced training. All three organizations, LCRA, Flownex, and PADT, will also cooperate on marketing around how the teams used the tools.

“A growing number of Canadian students are pursuing some of the most advanced student rocket propulsion development work anywhere in the world, and these projects involve many complex engineering challenges,” s Adam Trumpour, president of LCRA. “Whether high-pressure gas feed systems, cryogenic or multiphase propellant flows, or thrust chamber cooling, Flownex will help the students design and analyze these systems.  Launch Canada is excited to partner with Flownex to make this capability available to students across the country and help them gain valuable experience with fluid and heat transfer simulation.”

The rocket propulsion industry is embracing Flownex as a powerful way to simulate the complex behavior of high and low-temperature fluids used for fluid and cooling.

“We see partnerships like this as a way to help students learn quickly by experimenting on a virtual prototype of their design,” said Dan Christensen, head of PADT’s sales and support team for Flownex. “They can learn by doing, and it doesn’t hurt that their ability to use Flownex will help them find a job as more propulsion companies use the tools on their propulsion systems.”

Flownex Simulation Environment (SE) delivers simulation software that enables users to study how flow and heat transfer systems will behave in the real world, where fluid is the driving factor. As fluid systems become more complex and more optimized to meet the demands of more demanding missions, Flownex has emerged as the preferred system-level modeling tool for fluid-thermal simulation across industries and applications. Delivering unparalleled integration, customization, and usability, engineers across industries fully optimize their systems in the design phase and leverage powerful digital twins for a deep understanding of in-service systems.

PADT is a Flownex Channel Partner for the US and Canada. It provided sales, support, and training to customers across industries. It is the perfect complement to the company’s status as an Ansys Elite Channel Partner. To learn more about Flownex, visit www.padtinc.com/flownex, call 1-800-293-PADT, or email productinfo@padtinc.com.

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