PADT Adds New 3D Printing Machines and Capabilities to Its 3D Printing Services Portfolio

New Technology Aimed at Better Serving Customers with Faster, More Accurate and Higher Quality 3D Printed Parts


TEMPE, Ariz., August 6, 2022 ─ PADT, a globally recognized provider of numerical simulation, product development, and 3D printing products and services, announced today it has added nine new 3D printers and a host of new capabilities and materials to its 3D Printing Services offering over the past two and a half years, including four new systems since January 2022. The new machines added by PADT include the Stratasys NEO450 (SLA), Stratasys J850 and Stratasys J55 (Polyjet), Stratasys F900 and Stratasys Fortus 450 (FDM), Stratasys H350 (SAF), Stratasys Origin One (P3 DLP), Photocentric LC Magna (LCDP), and EOS M 290 (DMLS). Customers can now take advantage of the new capabilities and material options available with each machine.

“Since 1984, PADT and our partners have played a critical role in helping our customers take advantage of the newest innovations in 3D printing by investing in the latest technology,” said Rey Chu, co-founder, and principal, PADT. “These new machines allow us to utilize new capabilities and materials to make stronger, higher quality parts faster and more reliably.”

With many new machines added, there are a host of new capabilities among PADT’s existing technology. The NEO450 is the latest Stereolithography system, offering faster speeds, more accuracy, and improved part quality in comparison to its predecessors. The J850 for PolyJet is a design dream with a wide variety of materials to choose from, unrivaled accuracy, and higher printing speeds. The F900 FDM platform is highly repeatable, boasts a range of engineering-grade thermoplastics for multiple applications, and has the largest build platform at 36 x 24 x 36 in.

To invest in the future and support PADT’s long-term mission of providing customers with low to mid-volume production and end-use parts, the company added the Stratasys H350, Stratasys Origin One, Photocentric LC Magna, and EOS M 290. The Stratasys H350 utilizes a new powder bed technology called Selective Absorption Fusion (SAF) that delivers accurate, consistent, end-use nylon parts. The Origin One is a DLP platform that is also excellent for end-use parts with high resolution and mechanical properties rivaling those of injection molding in a range of high-performing materials. The Photocentric LC Magna, utilizes LCD technology with a large build platform to enable quick turnaround and cost savings on large parts and large volume projects. The EOS M 290 is now PADT’s largest DMLS machine. It supports larger production volumes, has an extensive metal material portfolio, and is useful for a wide range of applications.

Each of these new systems and capabilities represents PADT’s forward-looking approach to 3D printing. As the industry grows rapidly, PADT continues to invest in the latest technology to serve customers and fully unlock the power of additive manufacturing.

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