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  • Wonder How Much Better a New HPC System is?


    ANSYS Will Run Your Models for Free so you Can have Real Data.

    You know your machine is old. You know you spend hours modifying your ANSYS CFD, Structural, or Electromagnetic model to fit them on the computer you have access. You know you make compromises in fidelity to get an answer before your deadline. What you do not know is  how much faster and more accurate your runs would be if you had access to a new, larger system.
    Thanks to the Free ANSYS Performance Benchmark Program you can obtain real data using your own model to quantify where you are on the power curve, and how much an investment in HPC would benefit your company.

    The program is simple: you run your ANSYS CFX, Fluent, HFSS, Maxwell3D or Mechanical on your machine and then upload the input and output files from that run along with your workstation’s specifications. ANSYS’s staff will run your case on an small HPC cluster that has been configured for simulation.   They will then share the details from the run on the benchmark hardware, and make suggestions on how you can leverage ANSYS HPC for better and faster simulation.
    Some of the reasons why you should be looking at upgrading your compute solution are covered in this post on the ANSYS Blog.

    Learn more on the ANSYS HPC Benchmark page. You can register and upload your files there as well.
    It is easy, it is free, and it delivers useful information. What more can you ask for.



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