HPC Server and Cluster Performance Tuning

The cold hard reality is that High Performance Computing for Simulation is a relatively small portion of the overall computer server market. Although many companies will sell an HPC system, few understand the needs of simulation users. The end result: A system that does not perform as expected and a reduced return on investment for the customer.

Unique Combination of Simulation and HPC System Knowledge

PADT has been focused on HPC for simulation since the company was founded in 1994. Any reduction in performance of PADT's compute infrastructure has a direct and noticeable impact on the company's bottom line, and has therefore been a focus of our engineers and IT staff.

Years of experience have allowed PADT to develop an understanding of what it takes to get the most of of computer hardware for running simulation products, especially solvers that are part of the ANSYS, Inc. family. That experience is now available to customers through our HPC Server and Cluster Performance Tuning Services.




Get the Performance You Paid For

Most of PADT's performance tuning projects involve customers who are disappointed with the performance of a compute server or cluster that purchased. After spending $50,000 to over $1,000,000 on "leading edge" systems, they find that they are I/O bound, their parallel solvers are not scaling across cores, or that they can not solve their problems within the available memory.

Working Hand-in-Hand with Your IT and Users

The tuning process starts with an assessment of the systems in place, a review of the diagnostics from the simulation software being run, and discussions with the users on what their priorities are. PADT's system architects then deliver a comprehensive recommendation outlining recommended changes to hardware, new hardware, OS modifications, and software settings. If requested, the customer can purchase new hardware through PADT and have PADT's staff implement the recommendations. Or PADT's professional team will work directly with the customers other suppliers to maximize system performance for their specific needs.

Stop Feeling Frustrated, Start Fixing the Problem

HPC Tuning Services for Simulation applications is available on a per hour, or per day basis. Our team can come to the customers facility or an evaluation can be conducted via phone and internet, whatever is best for the customer. Instead of waiting too long for another run, contact PADT at sales@padtinc.com or 480.813.4884 to schedule a free consultation to see how our staff can help.

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