Simulation Computers

PADT offers a line of high performance computing (HPC) systems specifically designed for CFD and FEA number crunching. These systems have allowed PADT and our customers to carry out larger simulations, with greater accuracy, in less time, and at a lower cost than name-brand solutions. This leaves you with more cash to buy more hardware or software.

CUBE HVPC 512 Core System

Assembled by PADT's IT staff, CUBE computing systems are delivered with the customer's simulation software pre-loaded and tested. We configure each system specifically for simulation, making choices based upon PADT's extensive experience using similar systems for the same kind of work. We do not add things a simulation user does not need. Instead we focus on the right hardware and setup to deliver true HPC performance. Keeping with the "no frills" approach, each system comes with 4 hours of phone support and a 1 year parts warranty. (Although extended support can be purchased.) We do not keep an inventory, so 1-3 weeks is our typical lead time.

System Tuning for your Simulation Needs

Even if you have an existing simulation computing system, PADT can assist. Our experts can perform an evaluation of your system and make suggestions on hardware, configuration, and software to maximize the return on your HPC investment. Learn more here.

Six Standard Systems

To simplify things, we have configured six optimum systems. These are the standard systems we use internally at PADT and they more than likely meet your needs as configured. If not, they can be a starting point for a custom system:

Power User Accessories

There is more to simulation performance than base computer. We also offer a range of accessories to make your computing more efficient. Add the following to your existing system, or include them in your new CUBE computer:

  • Accelerate your solver with an NVIDIA GPU, developed in partnership with ANSYS.
  • Control your 3D Viewing with a 3dConnexion 3D Mouse
  • Connect your cluster with Mellanox Infiniband networking
  • Store your data with BlueRay Burners and External USB drives
  • Speed up your I/O with Solid State Drives
  • Increase your Problem size with new high speed RAM
  • Share your results with others on a big screen monitor from Sharp or Vizio

We not only resell these items, we use them every day here at PADT and can help pick the right accessory for your needs

Optimized for the "Sweet Spot"

CUBE Simulation Computers are optimized to deliver the most performance per unit of cost. There are better known brand names out there if you want maximum performance, 24/7 support, or a recognized name. However, if you know what you are doing, you need the most bang for your buck, and that "corporate mandate" solution is just not working – CUBE systems are designed just for you.

CUBE HVPC Workstation

Flexible Configurations to Maximize ROI

We offer a line of base systems to give users an idea of what they can expect from a CUBE computing System.  However, we encourage customers to contact us so we can configure a custom solution to meet your specific needs.

CUBE HVPC 512 Core System

Visit the links to the right or contact us and one of our IT engineers can answer your questions and size the right system just for you.

CUBE HVPC Portable Mini Cluster
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