Fast, Intuitive, Precise: Steinbichler 3D Scanners

Part measuring has achieved a new standard with Steinbichler laser and optical blue light scanning solutions. These systems couple high-precision optics, leading edge sensor technology, and specially design software solutions to deliver on the most demanding scanning needs.

Before offering Steinbichler scanners, PADT used their systems for our scanning services. We found that they provided outstanding accuracy, were easy to use, and provided the speed we needed to satisfy our customer's tight schedules. The scanner works, and it works well.

PADT offers both laser and blue light solutions, along with the colin3D software.

Comet Blue Light Scanning

This technology uses a technique called Structure-light 3D Scanning that projects a band of light onto a three dimensional object. A scanner records the distortion of the band and creates an exact mathematical representation of the object being scanned. PADT offers two COMET solutions:

Comet 6

The highly innovative sensor concept of the Comet 6 combines high-end technology, ergonomics and a compact design to offer optimum flexibility and precision for challenging tasks.

Modular Design

The unique concept of this sensor is based on a modular design with proven single-camera technology so that the measurement field size can be quickly adapted to the measuring task at hand.

High Resolution

With a 16 megapixel camera offers a previously unobtainable level of detail for the scanning of delicate objects or for uses requiring an extraordinary amount of detail.


The compact sensor design and new handling system are designed to offer maximum user friendliness and ergonomic operation. The sensor can be adjusted easily, precisely and quickly.

Intelligent Light Control

The core element of the COMET 6 16 M is the new projection unit, which is characterized by an extremely bright LED and innovative projection optics. The adaptive projection provided by the sensor makes it possible to adapt the light quantity projected onto the relevant object surface; minimizing glare.


  • 16 megapixel camera resolution for the highest level of detail
  • Adaptive projection for optimum lighting by 3D ILC technology
  • Excellent data quality, outstanding accuracy
  • High measurement speed
  • Ergonomic sensor handling
  • Easy-to-change measurement field
  • Selectable measuring mode
  • Maximum resolution
  • Maximum image capture speed

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Comet L3D

The extremely compact 3D scanning, blue light technology of the Comet L3D offers a high performance yet cost-effective entry level solution and opens up new dimensions in efficient 3D data acquisition.


The COMET L3D uses innovative, maintenance-free and cost-effective LED lighting technology with a long life. The new and unique LED pulse mode delivers a high light output, guaranteeing excellent measurement results even in difficult ambient conditions. The sensor housing features proven single-camera technology from Steinbichler with ultracompact and lightweight packaging for easy portability.


3D data acquisition with the COMET L3D is exceptionally fast. The extremely short measurement time and the simple-to-use software allows for quick and efficient measurements.


Delivering excellent data quality and highly accurate results, the sensor is also ideal for demanding applications in quality assurance.


This sensor is ready to run in minutes. Conventional camera/video stands for positioning the measuring head make handling very easy and efficient and the short working distance ensures ease of use even in confined areas. Changing the field of view is also quick and simple – all you need to do is change the lens.


  • 4 different resolutions available: 1170x880, 1600x1200, 2448x2050, and 3296x2472
  • Works with standard tripods and stands
  • 3 to 5 lens options
  • Excellent data quality, outstanding accuracy
  • High measurement speed
  • Selectable measuring mode

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Laser Scanning

Steinbichler Laser Scanning utlizes the innovative approach of combining a hand held laser scanner with an optical tracker and a touch probe. The outstanding features of the modular laser scanning and tracking concept ensure fast, precise data acquisition in a wide range of use cases. The scanner/tracker combination supports a large variety of applications, including designing, rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and reverse engineering, the scanning of art/historical objects as well as archeology, medical technology, and much more.


This new, hand-held laser scanner sets new standards with exceptional performance, ease-of-use and outstanding value-for-money.

All-in-One Solution

Fast, intuitive and highly precise, 3D scanning has now taken on a new dimension in coordinate measurement technology with this hand-held laser scanner. The revolutionary and modular all-in-one concept, includes perfectly matched components (tracking camera, hand-held scanner and touchprobe), thereby offering highest flexibility for a large variety of applications.

High-End Technology and Performance

Steinbichler has again set new standards with the T-SCAN CS. This new generation of devices is delivers a user-oriented design and outstanding technical features, e.g., an exceptionally high dynamic range for data acquisition on various object surfaces, and a hitherto unseen data rate.


The design of the scanner has been ergonomically tailored to the operator´s needs, allowing a fatigue-free and intuitive scanning process. The light weight and compact unit is balanced for data capturing even in most difficult to reach areas. The innovative technology and futuristic design of the scanner perfectly match each other for maximum ease of operation.


  • Innovative all-in-one concept with hand-held laser scanner, optical tracking unit and touchprobe for flexible use in various applications
  • Complete, fast and efficient 3D digitization of large objects
  • High measurement accuracy, large measurement volume
  • Maximum accessibility due to compact scanner design
  • High-quality, wear-resistant/low-maintenance components
  • Easy calibration
  • No object preparation required

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This large volume hand-held laser scanner is ideal for the scanning of large objects while delivering outstanding accuracy, ease-of-use, and significant value.

Modular and Flexible

Adapt the new tracking unit with the modular overall system for your individual application. Combined with the hand-guided laser scanner, you can also digitize large objects efficiently and without fatigue. The optionally available T-POINT LV touch probe makes individual point measurements quick and uncomplicated.

High Volume and High Precision

With the unique large measuring volume of this scanning and tracking combination, you gain completely new perspectives in optical 3D digitalization. Now you can record the 3D data of large-format objects even faster and more easily - the high scanning speed of the hand-guided laser scanner and a tracking volume of up to 35 m³ offer you the greatest possible freedom of movement for an efficient measurement process.

Multi Camera

Maximize your productivity by connecting multiple tracking cameras for measurement from all sides of large components.


  • Innovative scanning and tracking all-in-one solution with hand-guided laser scanner, optical tracking unit and touch probe
  • Large measuring volume and high precision
  • Outstanding measuring speed
  • Stand-free dynamic autoscale kit (hardware/software) for infield calibration
  • Measurement on moving objects with dynamic referencing

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colin3d Software

The STEINBICHLER colin3D software for data acquisition, data processing and simple data comparison is a high-performance companion for the COMET, COMET Photogrammetry and T-SCAN sensor systems.

Based on years of programming experience with 64-bit operating systems and the corresponding hardware such as graphics cards and multi-processor systems, the new colin3D algorithms achieve maximum performance and data quality.

To quickly and efficiently position the T-SCAN system, the measurement field and scanner can be optionally displayed in colin3D, making it easier to determine the ideal tracker position. Measuring programs for applications using the rotary tables COMETrotary and COMETdual rotary can be easily created and executed. All individual measurements in a measurement sequence are subjected to quality checks and automatically repeated if necessary.


  • Integration of the COMETCOMET Photogrammetry and T-SCAN sensor systems
  • Rapid triangle mesh generation
  • Surface comparison with report function
  • Intuitive mesh processing
  • Partial filling, generation of bridges and simple filling
  • Mesh smoothing/sharpening
  • Mesh structure optimization (regularization)
  • Different selection methods
  • Documentation of the calibration process
  • Service functions for monitoring system accuracy

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