Stratasys 3d Printer and Manufacturing Systems Sales and Support for Utah

Customers have multiple choices when purchasing their 3D Printing and additive manufacturing systems. In Utah, PADT stands out as the preferred supplier of Stratasys equipment for several reasons:

  1. We are not a CAD reseller who sells printers on the side.
    We are an engineering company who are recognized experts in the area of rapid manufacturing. We don't just sell the systems, we support them and we use them in our own service business.
  2. We bring 20 years of experience to our customers.
    Whereas most people selling 3D Printers are relatively new to the industry, and are focused on other products, we start with a deep knowledge of all additive manufacturing technologies that we use in-house and support in the field.
  3. We are focused on the region.
    PADT only sells equipment in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. No other company has as much focus on 3D Printing solutions in the area. There are larger suppliers, but they are not focused on 3D Printing or are based outside of the region. There are also smaller local suppliers, but they do not have the breadth and depth of capability and financial foundation to provide the level of service that PADT provides.
  4. Our company is built on the idea of forming long term win-win partnerships with our customers.
    Our success is based on organically growing our customer base on simply doing a good job. We are not focused on the quarter or moving product. We are about creating a long term relationship with our customers where we focus on making them successful.

Working with a 3D Printing Expert Makes a Difference

The purchase of a Stratasys system is a major investment, and one of the best ways to make sure you get a fast return on that investment is to partner with PADT. Our relationship starts with the purchase keeps growing from there. We will be with you for years to come, offering our advice and resources to make sure you are getting the most from your devices.

Anyone looking for a 3D Printing or additive manufacturing supplier in Utah can quickly find out why PADT is the preferred partner in the area: ask our existing customer or just interact with us.

Start by contacting Anthony Wagoner, a Utah native and our local representative in for the state: 801.201.9205 or Anthony will be happy to assemble our team to answer any of your questions, evaluate your 3D Printing needs, or simply discuss the technology with your team. He can also put you in touch with a local customer as a reference.

Be Part of 3D Printing in Utah Today

The applications for this technology are growing every day, and PADT is the type of partner that can help access how you can use 3D Printing and additive manufacturing to improve your business. Maybe it is bringing your prototyping in-house. It could be using Stratasys equipment for creating tooling and fixtures. Perhaps it is leveraging the technology to launch a whole new product offering. Either way, PADT is the perfect partner to help you evaluate your needs and the potential. Contact us today to get a jump-start in this exciting industry.



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