PeDAL Features

When PADT wrote the PeDAL tool we sat down and made a list of features that we wanted to have in an editor, capabilities that we found missing when we used other text editors to write APDL macros.  As usage has gone up and more and more people have used PeDAL, we have continued to add to the list.

  • Editor and ANSYS help are side by side in the same window
  • Instant context sensitive help on any selected APDL command by pressing F1
  • Automatic indentation and alignment
  • Full syntax highlighting for APDL scripts
  • Auto-complete drop downs for APDL Commands as you type
  • APDL Command argument hints while typing commands
  • Mouse hover command descriptions
  • Support for command aliases with full links to the actual command help and command data
  • Automatic creation of aliases
  • Automatic generation of comments based on command
  • Hyperlinks to macros found while searching specified working directory and macro search directories
  • Search on ANSYS help phrases and keywords.
  • Create custom search indices for confining searches to only sub-sections of the entire ANSYS help
  • Multiple tabs for the editor and html viewer.
  • Full capability web browser built in allows for rich web experience and web searches
  • Ability to zoom in and out
  • Commands to convert text to all caps or all lower case
  • Convert selected text to a comment or remove commenting
  • Works with all versions of ANSYS Mechanical APDL from V12 on

Screen Shots

Example File

PdDAL Example File

Context Sensitive Help on ANSYS Command

PeDAL Context Sensitive Help on Ansys Command

Multiple Tabs

PdDAL Multiple Tabs

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