Geomagic Wrap: The Fastest Way to go From Scan Data to 3D Models

From artists to archaeologists and designers to filmmakers, people from every walk of life are creating perfect 3D models of physical objects using Geomagic Wrap, without having to use CAD.

Now including exact surfacing with AutoSurface function, Geomagic Wrap delivers the most easy-to-use, affordable, fast, accurate path from point clouds to 3D polygonal models.

Geomagic Wrap enables users to transform point cloud data, probe data and imported 3D formats (STL, OBJ, etc.) into 3D polygon meshes for use in manufacturing, analysis, design, entertainment, archeology and analysis

Art, Artifacts, and Sculpture

Create perfect works of art, scale sculptures, and archive and restore fragile or eroded artifacts from a variety of data. Artists, curators, and sculptors everywhere are using Geomagic Wrap to represent physical objects in 3D design environments, delivering watertight 3D data in a wide range of industry-standard formats. The resulting data can be used to create renderings, design fixturing, or reproduce the objects using 3D Printing or machining.

3D Imaging for Analysis, Animation, and Film making

Rapidly create perfect, watertight 3D models of physical objects from 3D scans and use them to perform advanced functions such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). In addition, visual effects artists and animators can use these 3D models in Maya, 3ds Max and more. Existing meshes can also be imported and wrapped, giving new life to old 3D models.

Here is a nice video showing the tool at its introduction. Some key features have been added since them, but this gives a good overview of the tool and how easy it is to use:


Fast and EAsy-to-Use Without Sacrificing Capability

Geomagic Wrap is the perfect combination of automatic, semi-automatic, and manual methods for converting point based surface data to an accurate and usable 3D polygon model. This allows the user to process most of their data automatically, then use semi-automatic or manual methods to handle any bad or missing point information.

Download Geomagic Wrap Brochure

Features that make a difference

  • Exact surfacing with one-button AutoSurface function
  • Rapid creation of polygonal models from 3D scan data from a wide variety of sources
  • Easy-to-learn tools to clean up 3D scan data
  • Patch command for accurately repairing 3D model data
  • Fast creation of accurate polygonal models based on the 3D scan data
  • Import and export high-quality 3D data in all major neutral polygonal formats for immediate downstream use
  • Powerful Remesh tool for fast, accurate retriangulation of polygon models imported into the software for immediate usability downstream
  • Sketch creation directly from point clouds, enabling rapid product development
  • Scripting functions enable robust automation of repetitive actions and creation of custom functions
  • Support for hard-probing devices enables accurate measurement and creation of features
  • Support for all industry-standard 3D file formats, including .3ds, .obj, VRML and so on.
  • Immediately use the data created within Geomagic Wrap for 3D printing, rapid prototyping, physical modeling, etc.
  • Comprehensive support, technical help, training and free trials of the Geomagic┬« products

View a list of all of the input and output formats supported here.

Convert your Point Data to Usable Models without a Struggle

If you need accurate polygon models created from physical parts or old mesh data, Geomagic Mesh is the tool for you. PADT has used it for making STL files, getting smoother STL models from coarse files that customers sometimes give us, creating meshable geometry from old FEA models, or creating real world surfaces for CFD meshing. We have not found a tool that is faster or simpler to use.

View a comprehensive set of demonstration videos here, or contact PADT now and we can show you how it works on your parts, the best way to prove out the technology.

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