On-Demand Manufacturing

with Carbon DLS

The long-term promise of 3D Printing has always been using the technology to replace traditional manufacturing as a way to make production parts.  The various technologies that are considered Additive Manufacturing, or 3D Printing, have been fantastic for prototyping and making tools that make end-use parts, but these rarely work well for production.  Digital Light Synthesis (DLS)is literally turning the 3D printing world upside
down by enabling practical production capabilities.

Low Volume Manufacturing

PADT's On-Demand Manufacturing line is designed for low volume manufacturing of plastic parts. Based on Carbon's DLS technology, the complete process is ideal for producing between five and two-thousand parts. When you need them. The way you need them. Once a process is developed for a particular component, they can be printed on-demand in whatever volume is required.

The speed of the DLS process is the first enabler for making multiple parts cost-effectivley.  The second is the final near-injection molded material properties that DLS delivers.

A Tool-less Alternative for Plastics Manufacturing

The big advantage of using this approach, the true value of 3D Printing, is that no tooling is required. Injection molding quality parts, with no time or expense of creating molds. Also, shapes that can not be made with injection molding can be created with DLS.

A Complete Solution

PADT’s on-demand manufacturing is backed up by in-house product development, inspection, simulation, manufacturing, and injection molding expertise. All parts are
produced under our quality system and our in-house CNC Machining lets us complete
any critical feature creation on-site with no delays.

Certified Carbon Production Partner

And now that PADT has joined Carbon’s Production Partner Program, on-demand manufacturing using 3D Printing is a reality in the Southwestern US. A true 3D Printing factory is available

Certified Quality

The entire ON-Demand manufacturing process is all conducted under a Quality Management System that is certified the the AS9100D(2016 and ISO9001:2015 standards.

Let's Talk about how to make your Production Parts with 3D Printing

Our epxert team will assess your design, material need, and application to determine how Carbon's DLS technology can be applied to meet your production needs. Call 480.813.4884 and ask to talk about On-Demand Production or email renee@padtinc.com.

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