Alternative Energy Systems

One of the most challenging areas of engineering today is the application of advanced technologies in the development of alternative energy systems.  Since most alternative energy applications use new or emerging technologies, the engineering problems involved in making practical systems are just now being discovered and solved.  Since 1994, many companies in the energy sector have found that the breadth and depth of capabilities at PADT make us the ideal partner for developing these new alternative energy systems. Whether they are based on solar, wind, geothermal, bio, or other technologies, PADT has the experience in all of these sectors.

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It is About Putting the Pieces Together

PADT's unique combination of real world experience, deep theoretical knowledge, and diverse tool set make us the ideal partner for tackling the challenges found in the Alternative Energy market.  Most alternative energy applications bring together many different disciplines including: electronics, electromagnetics, fluid handling, rotating machinery, thermodynamics, structures, and system management.  PADT has experience in all of these areas, and pride ourselves at being able to bring these diverse disciplines together to achieve true synergy.

Most new energy projects start with a focus on a unique technology or science that can be used to produce energy.  PADT is here to help with the development of that technology.   What sets us apart is that we can also assist in developing all of the equipment and systems that are needed to take that key technology and make it a reality.  

Making Alternative Practical

The key to success in today's energy market is making your technology practical – moving from a lab bench to a commercial solution.  This is another area where PADT's experience really stands out. Having taken dozens of projects from concept to commercial production, our staff knows about manufacturing, maintenance, and operating requirements and we take that knowledge and apply it to your design.

Offering more than just engineering, our team will help you determine appropriate goals, prioritize requirements, and assist with commercialization.  We can help you find vendors, work in conjunction with them, as well as be there when the design is transferred to your team or your contract manufacturer.

Let PADT Help Make your Energy Solution a Reality

PADT's engineers have a passion for improving alternative energy solutions.  The best way to experience that passion, and to understand the breadth and depth of tools and knowledge that we have to offer, is to contact us to discuss your application.   You can also take some time to investigate the rest our Product Development offerings by visiting the links to the right.

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