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Testing is a key part of product development and for testing to be effective it needs to be an integral and effortless part of the product development process.  PADT has invested in the equipment and procedures necessary to not only conduct tests in house with very little effort, but to conduct them in a way that delivers accurate and usable information.

The Right Tools for the Job

Below is a list of the majority of the laboratory equipment that PADT has in house, ready to use at a moment's notice.  In addition to the items on the list, PADT often rents equipment if we feel we do not need it long term.

Inspection Equipment
Gauges and Micrometers Various
Milligram Scale OHAUS
Gauge Blocks  Pins Vermont Gage
Granite Inspection Table  
Microscopes Nikon
Data Collection
Data Logger Agilent
Analyzers (vibration, acoustics)  
Oscilloscope Tektronix
Capacitance Resistance Inductance Meter Wavetek
Milliohm Meter Extech
Thermocouple Calibrator/Thermometer Omega
Pressure Transducer Sensotec
Differential Pressure Transducer Sensotec
Force Gauge (100lb max) Mark 10
Flow Meter Sierra
Orifice Plates, Venturi Various
High Speed Video System Casio
Digital Multi Meters Fluke
Accelerometers PCB
Microphone PCB
Environmental Chamber (-70C – 150C) Cincinnati Sub Zero and ESPEC
Programmable Oven (300 C Max) Blue M
Fume Hood Kewaunee
Chillers (-40 C Min) NESLAB
Vacuum Pump Alcatel
Other Equipment/Software
DC Power supplies (800V max) Various
Portable Clean Room, Class 10000  
Labview National Instruments
Matlab Mathworks
Mathematica Wolfram

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