Product Development Services

Over the years PADT has found that their experiences and expertise have attracted business in a few specific industries, and this web site has detailed information on each of those.  But that does not imply that PADT's abilities in product development are limited to just those areas.  Over the years only one thing has held constant: the variety of projects we have worked on has continued to grow.


Advanced Tools and Skills with Wide Applicability

There used to be a saying amongst older mechanical engineers who came of age during the glory days of the Space Race: "Parts is Parts."  At PADT that still holds true.  In fact our deep knowledge in the industries we have worked with the most has been very beneficial for all the other varieties of projects that have come our way.  As an example, knowing how to cast and machine a delicate medical device has been a true benefit to customers who have come to us with jewelry, toy, and electronic packaging problems.  The tools that PADT has in house are also a big advantage because the diversity and depth of capabilities is unique compared to firms that offer just one industry of focus.

Our Engineers are Expert Problem Solvers, it is what we do

When a customer comes to PADT from an industry that is new to us, they often ask what we can do to help them. After we look at their project the answer is that we can help solve their engineering problems. From redesigning the internal structure of a helmet to devising a cooling scheme for a home electronics device, PADT's engineers take a systematic and methodical approach to problem solving and work their way towards a better product.

Trust your Innovation with PADT

The best way to get a feel for the experience and tools that PADT can bring to your product development project is to contact one of our lead engineers. They can discuss your needs with you and work out a proposal that best meets those needs. You can find out more about our capabilities by taking some time to investigate the rest our Product Development offerings by visiting the links to the right.

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