Fused Deposition Modeling

Fused Deposition Modeling, referred to as FDM, is the most common 3D Printing technology on the market.  There are three primary reasons for this: it is simple, it is inexpensive to operate, and the parts it makes are strong.  First commercialized in 1991, the technology uses a heated head to melt plastic, extrude it through a small nozzle, and deposit material in a controlled  way, one layer at a time. 

(FDM) Fused Deposition Modeling Dimension Stratasys Systems

Affordable, Usable Parts

PADT acquired our first Fused Deposition Modeling machine soon after the company was founded.  The strong but affordable parts generated with the Fused Deposition Modeling process were a perfect complement to the strengths of the Stereolithography technology that PADT was also using.  As PADT has added technologies over the years, we have still used FDM as our preferred method for making strong,  cost-effective prototypes. PADT likes this technology so much that we are a reseller of the entire line of Fused Deposition Modeling systems from Stratasys, Inc.

Although most people associate Fused Deposition Modeling with the ABS material most commonly used, FDM machines can also run advanced engineering materials such as Transparent ABS, Polycarbonate, polyphenylsulfone (PPSF/PPSU), or ULTEM (polyetherimide).  It can also run medical grade (ISO 10993 SP Class VI) ABS and Polycarbonate.

FDM model of scorpion

System Mojo uPrint SE Plus Dimension 1200 SST/es Dimension Elite FORTUS 250mc Fortus 400mc
Build Size (in) 5 x 5 x 5 8 x 8 x 6 10 x 10 x 12 8 x 8 x 12 10 x 10 x 12 14 x 14 x 10
Layer Thickness (in) 0.007 0.010 or 0.013 0.010 or 0.013 0.007 or 0.010 0.007, 0.010, or 0.013 0.005, 0.007, 0.010, or 0.013
Materials ABS Ivory Multicolor ABSPlus Multicolor ABSPlus Multicolor ABSPlus Multicolor ABSPlus


Recognized FDM Experts

PADT is a reseller of this technology technology, and we generally have at least one machine available for making customer parts from each of Stratasys' Product Families:

  • A uPrint SE or Mojo system for generating ABS prototypes at the lowest price point
  • A Dimension system for creating ABS prototypes of higher accuracy and/or larger size
  • A FORTUS system to allow for the creation of very accurate prototypes in ABS, Poly Carbonate, or ULTEM materials. This is the most capable technology in the Fused Deposition Modeling arena

Starting in 1995, PADT has offered Fused Deposition Modeling prototyping as a service and our engineers and technicians are recognized experts in the application of this technology. We know these machines in and out because we are running them around the clock, and our technicians also service the machines we sell.

As with the other prototyping technologies that PADT offers, we take extra special care in post processing parts that we generate for customers.  We even developed our own cleaning system, the Support Cleaning Apparatus, which is now sold by Stratasys, Inc. to speed up and improve the support removal process.

Explore why Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is So Popular

The best way to learn about any of our 3D Printing and prototyping options is to request a quote on your part, and we will contact you and explain the options.  If you have questions first, simply contact us.

PADT's capabilities for this technology are detailed in the chart below.

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