Part Scanning

Innovation is not always about creating, it often involves obtaining an accurate understanding of what you already have.  To address this critical need, PADT offers Part Scanning services that provide our customers with a way to reverse engineer or conduct highly accurate inspection on existing parts.  We offer both a optical non-destructive scanning as well as a destructive cross sectional scanning (CSS) solution.  We can also coordinate traditional part inspection, including Coordinate Measuring Machine inspection, through our long time vendors.

Cross Section Scanning in progress

Obtain a Clear, Accurate Representation of Your Hardware

PADT couples our optical scanning solutions and Cross Sectional Scanning (CSS) with leading software from each company and from Geomagic to deliver more than just a point cloud.  Our engineering team designs, builds, and tests real hardware so we understand what our customers really need when it comes to part scanning and inspection.  Using our quality standards or those provided by the customer, we deliver accurate and thorough inspection reports, a faceted (STL) model, or a CAD model.

Learn more about each of the capabilities that PADT offers in this area:

Inspection and Part Scanning that Drive Your Innovation

Please take some time to investigate our scanning and inspection offerings by visiting the links to the right, or contact us now to talk to our manufacturing engineers about how we make you the best possible prototype.

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