Computational Fluid
Dynamics Simulation

The behavior of liquids and gasses in products is often a critical factor in the performance and durability of that product.  No longer the tool of high end automotive or aerospace engineers, the use of Computation Fluid Dynamics, or CFD, has become a part of almost every product development process.  PADT's experienced CFD engineers are here to make it a part of your process.

A High Level of Education,
Tools, and Knowledge

CFD is one of the most complicated forms of simulation today.  The models used are large and complex, and the mathematics involved can be highly sensitive or even unstable.  PADT's CFD engineers started their careers at leading universities where they earned advanced degrees in the field.  They then put that strong academic foundation to work in applying CFD methods to a variety of problems and industries, with previous employers and while at PADT. They put that knowledge and experience to work with the world's leading software tools for CFD simulation, including the tools that are needed to create the proper meshes.  Those models and software are combined on PADT's large and robust compute infrastructure, a system big enough to make sure that hardware limitations do not limit the accuracy of the simulation. CFD of Water Treatment Pool

Our experience has shown us that as soon as a simulation project starts delivering answers, there are new questions. We work closely with the customer to make sure we understand those new questions and make sure to find answers for them in a fast and efficient manner.


Some of the tools PADT uses in this area are:

  • FLOWNEX Simulation Environment

Some of the techniques and capabilities used are:

  • Steady state and Transient
  • Laminar and a Variety of Turbulence Models
  • Moving mesh, Rigid Body Motion, Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT), Fluid Solid Interaction (FSI)
  • Combustion, Chemical Reactions, Mixing, Multi-phase, Droplets, Icing
  • User Defined Functions

Useful CFD Delivered In Time to Make a Difference

Like other types of complex analysis, getting the right answer is only the start.  At PADT we deliver the right answers in time for your design team to use the information to make critical design decisions.  Our team focuses on designing and simplifying their models to produce the right results in the smallest possible amount of time.

Experience PADT Expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

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