Structural Dynamics
Vibration Simulation

Understanding how products behave dynamically is critical to good mechanical design.  The vibration characteristics of a system are often a system's most critical, and difficult to study characteristic.  At PADT, we use the full suite of ANSYS, Inc. software to understand how a part vibrates or moves when subjected to external loads, providing our customers with valuable insight into their product's performance.

Understanding Motion and Movement

The area of structural dynamics includes a wide variety of problems that include determining natural frequencies, modeling behavior from harmonic, random, and prescribed loading.  Customers count on PADT’s experience and tools to properly model such situations and provide useful information to their design team.

Some of the tools PADT uses in this area are:

  • ANSYS Mechanical
  • ANSYS Mechanical APDL

Some of the techniques and capabilities used are:

  • Modal Analysis
  • Harmonic Analysis, Forced Vibration, Flutter, Random Vibration
  • Multi-Body Dynamics, Kinematics
  • Beams, Shells, Plain Strain, Plain Stress, Axisymmetric, Substructures, Component Mode Synthesis, Cyclic Symmetry
  • Rotordynamics

Useful and Practical Information

There are many variables that impact a structural dynamics simulation, and that is why customers come to PADT to determine the proper approach and method to provide useful and practical information needed for their product design.  PADT combines this experience with the right tools and a robust compute infrastructure in order to deliver that useful information correctly and on time.

Experience PADT Expertise in Structural Dynamic

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