There are a lot of different ways to predict, design and optimize for flow rates, pressures, temperatures, and heat transfer rates in fluid systems.  PADT's simulation team is expert at looking at such problems and defining the proper methods and tools to quickly and accurately model such systems in a way that produces useful results.  The company's broad range of experience across industries gives our team a large amount of lessons to build their efforts upon.

Real Time Systems Modeling

One of PADT’s greatest advantages is in the area of system fluid-thermodynamics modeling.   Our ability to build system models that can operate in real time, allow our customers the capability to explore a wide range of operating conditions and situations.  We use our experience with component modeling to go one step further than most people by doing system models, and create more accurate representations of the components in the systems we are modeling.

Some of the tools PADT uses in this area are:

  • Flownex Simulation Environment
  • ANSYS Mechanical APDL
  • ANSYS Simplorer
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Custom Developed Software

Some of the techniques and capabilities used are:

  • Steady State and Transient
  • Single or Two Phase flow
  • Slurry, liquids, gasses, gas mixtures, and  incondensable mixtures
  • Combustion, Heat Transfer, Exergy, Water Hammer, and Force Calculation
  • Integrated Control Systems, Mechanical Components, and Electrical Systems

Determining  A System's Requirements

A common use of system fluid-thermodynamic simulation is to go beyond simply creating an accurate model of a proposed or existing system.   PADT can take the next step and use any information that is available to build a system model that will iteratively derive the requirements for components and sub-systems that are not defined, such as determining the needed pump characteristics or the needed responsiveness of a control system.

Experience PADT Expertise in System Fluid-Thermodynamics

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